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By Hempology | July 6, 2004

My name is Ian McArthur and I am 53 yrs old. At age 26, I graduated as a trained Chef in Vancouver. I moved to Victoria and began working as a Chef at the Oak Bay Marina. At that time of my life I was extremely agile and rode my bicycle everywhere. After 6 months in Victoria, on my way from the corner store, BAM! , I was hit by a car without headlights on.

On arrival at hospital, I was in a coma, my heartbeat over 220 beats a minute. I was wheeled directly into the operating room for surgery by Dr. G. S. Cameron, the best neurosurgeon at the time. In the operating room I hemorrhaged and died twice. After the surgery I remained in a coma with an unchanged heart rate for 2 months.

When I awoke, I was severely mentally disabled. I was unable to speak or move and I was in agony. I suffered extensive damage to one side of my brain and I could not feel my left side. Over the next 20 yrs, I learned sign language, relearned to speak and graduated from my wheelchair.

My right hemisphere is primarily scar tissue and when the membrane around it swells, I get severe traction headaches. I have tried painkillers to no avail. Luckily, I met some friends who have infused medicinal cannabis into cookies, cakes and more. When I ingest these items, my pain decreases considerably, sometimes to nil. As a chronic pain sufferer, I highly recommend the use of medical marijuana.

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