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Elvy Musikka

By Hempology | July 6, 2004

Elvy Musikka is the only female-one of eight people in the United States of America-who are supplied medical cannabis federally.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Elvy before the break for Christmas. She gave me more to think about over that holiday season than I care to think
about most times. She gave me a present that can’t be wrapped, but that can definitely be shared.
She shared with me time, stories, pieces of her life. The most precious things that can be shared. But what she gave me was courage. The kind that does not come easy. It’s the courage it takes to stand in front of your friends and ask for help with arms outstretched. The courage it takes to cross boarders and ask of friends when you know they have been shot for helping their friends, for doing the very same things you are doing. The courage it takes when your son looks you in the eye and says “But Mom, you could get arrested!” These are the things Elvy and I shared, the things I believe all people share if they are brought up with a healthy love and understanding for their fellow mankind.

Elvy was not a pot head in the beginning. In the beginning she was a woman who was blind. Born with congenial cataracts, she later in life developed glaucoma. She underwent numerous operations, painful drops and medications that she had acute reactions to. Almost to the point of suicide she said before she allowed her own doctor to talk her into trying something that was illegal. He himself had to procure some for her before she would try it. The first couple of joints didn’t do anything. The next time he got better medicine and Elvy noticed a difference before she finished the first joint.

Cannabis keeps the internal fluid pressures of the eye from building up and blocking the optic nerve, thus helping to retain vision. Now her big problem is getting through the night. THE is fat soluble and so goes through your bodies system in four hours. Most of us like to sleep for six to eight hour’s undisturbed to have a sunny disposition in the morning. If your medicine only lasts for four of those hours you’re either going to wake up with further impaired vision from the previous day, or you are going to have to set an alarm to get you up in the middle of the night to take more medicine.
Elvy Musikka, con’t

The next bigger problem she faces is her illness is degenerative, meaning it’s going to keep getting worse according to doctors. I’d like to add here that this is now a point that Elvy herself likes to argue. It seems the vision in both of her eyes is slowly improving over the years since she started to use cannabis. She smokes cannabis, eats cannabis, and uses it as a poultice not only on her eyes, but also to heal her arm when she broke it last year. The federal government doesn’t think she needs increasingly stronger medicine for her decreasing vision. They would not give her anything else to try, so when she heard about our B.C. bud she decided to come and try for herself. Her suspicions were confirmed and B.C. cannabis made her more comfortable right away. She loved everyone’s medicinal baking and was eagerly going to try Ryanol as a way of helping throughout the night.

Also, because of their war on drugs (and other related issues), Elvy and a lot of other American citizens are very uncomfortable with their government right now and are turning to their neighbors to the north and south for refuge. Elvy, many others, and myself were very disappointed with the fact Steve Kubby’s hearing was turned down. We have already seen the beginnings of a migration similar to that of the Vietnam war draft dogger epidemic. I myself welcome them with open arms because these are the people who dare to stand up for what’s right and not for what’s easiest. Every night I hear Elvy’s last words to me “We have to find a way to work together, to unite and beat them.” And I believe that time is almost here, that lots of people from around the globe are thinking the same way.

Elvy is the best kind of activist we have, not because she knows more, or cares more or is braver than anyone else, but because she has endless courage And what helps her, myself, and many others through lonely nights is knowing that the next day we’ll be with people who care, and share, and dare.

Thank-you Elvy Mussika for being you. For more info on Elvy’s history please look up Musikka, Elvy. Pages 52-57 of Lester Grinspoon,M.D., and James B. Bakalar.”Marihuana The Forbidden Medicine.” Elvy makes herself available for Court trials, Interviews, and Presentations whenever possible and can he contacted through the club.

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