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Cannabis Carols: Good Queen Cannabis

Friday, November 29th, 2002

To the tune of “Good King Wincelass” From the 1999 Hempology Cannabis Carol Collection Good Queen Cannabis looked out, On the fields of B.C., Where the buds grew all about, Far and dank and sticky, Brightly shone the sun this fall, And the frost was quite light Many growers gave their all, Making smiles bright

U.S. customs smoke out first airdrop of B.C. bud

Friday, November 29th, 2002

From the Province, November 28th, 2002 By Keith Fraser Arrest of two flyers just latest case of “creative” smuggling into Wash. An airdrop of B.C. pot is the latest wrinkle in the multibillion-dollar drug-smuggling trade into Washington.

B.C. Pot Industry Grows Despite Raids

Saturday, November 23rd, 2002

Daily crackdowns not enough, police say. From the Globe and Mail, November 23, 2002 By Robert Matas The lucrative marijuana trade continues to expand in British Columbia, despite almost daily police raids to close down illegal growing operations. U.S. drug chief John Walters appealed to British Columbia authorities earlier this week to curb the province’s [...]

Rodney Dangerfield Gets No Respect!

Saturday, November 23rd, 2002

Holy Smoke! Rodney Dangerfield caught smoking POT – in Intensive Care From the National Enquirer, September 2002 Rodney Dangerfield was rushed to a hospital terrified he was having a heart attack – and to calm himself he fired up a joint right in the middle of the Intensive Care Unit!

Stop Marijuana Trade, U.S. Drug Czar Urges

Saturday, November 23rd, 2002

$6-billion worth of highly potent B.C. product flows south each year, director says. From the Globe And Mail, November 22, 2002 By Robert Matas Riding high after U.S. states rejected measures to relax drug laws, drug czar John Walters came to Canada this week to talk tough about a new front in the drug war.

Canadian med-pot clubs under attack

Saturday, November 23rd, 2002

From Cannabis Culture Magazine, Issue #40 (November 22, 2002) by Reverend Damuzi 1,200 med-pot patients, many of whom suffer from life-threatening illnesses that can only be controlled with marijuana, lost their supply of medicine when Ontario police mercilessly raided the Toronto Compassion Centre (TCC) on August 14, 2002. Officers stuck guns in the faces of [...]

Letter to Health Canada from BC Compassion Club

Friday, November 22nd, 2002

November 6, 2002 Dear Minister Anne McLellan, The British Columbia Compassion Club Society (BCCCS) has been distributing medicinal quality cannabis to over 2000 Canadians in medical need for nearly six years. Some of our members have been referred to us by your staff responding to inquiries in regards to accessing medicinal cannabis. A number of [...]

Lowe says he never took vote for granted

Friday, November 22nd, 2002

From the Victoria News, November 22, 2002 By Don Descoteau Few political pundits gave anyone a real chancee to unseat Alan Lowe as mayor of Victoria. In the end, the numbers proved that theory, as Lowe garnered nearly 62 per cent of the vote to win by a landslide. But during the celebration party at [...]

Flin Flon Pot To Escape Fiery Fate

Tuesday, November 19th, 2002

Crop won’t be burned, but used for testing and germinating, McLellan’s office says. From the Globe And Mail, November 18th, 2002 By Peter Cheney Flin Flon’s underground marijuana farm has generated more than its share of headlines, but when it was reported this weekend that the operation’s entire harvest was to be burned by Health [...]

Notes from Eric’s Constitutional Challenge

Saturday, November 16th, 2002

By Eric Young, November 7th, 2002 Here are some notes regarding the Monday, Nov. 4 hearing. The first hearing in my Challenge focused on motions related to the Respondent College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.

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