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Rodney Dangerfield Gets No Respect!

By Hempology | November 23, 2002

Holy Smoke! Rodney Dangerfield caught smoking POT – in Intensive Care

From the National Enquirer, September 2002

Rodney Dangerfield was rushed to a hospital terrified he was having a heart attack – and to calm himself
he fired up a joint right in the middle of the Intensive Care Unit!

The 80-year-old comic, who has been battling heart disease for more than 10 years – was brought in by his
devoted wife Joan, 49, who says her husband panics every time he feels a twinge in his chest.

Rodney came into Saint John’s Health Canter on Saturday night, August 31, “white as a sheet, drenched in sweat
and holding his chest with both hands,” an inside source revealed.

“It was obvious he was in a lot of pain.”

He was moved to the ICU unit and left alone to change his clothes in the bathroom.

“And when the door was shut he lit up a joint,” said the source. “He said later it was to calm his nerves.

“When a nurse opened the bathroom door a cloud of pot smoke hit her in the face!”

An insider disclosed: “When the staff realized what was going on they were furious – and so was Rodney’s wife!

“They don’t even allow flowers in the ICU so you can imagine how they feel about any kind of smoke.

“People were shocked. Someone on the floor called security. When they arrived they went into his room to talk
to him, but the damage was already done.

“What could they do? They couldn’t throw an 80-year-old heart patient out on his ear!

“When Rodney sheepishly admitted to smoking pot, he was given a good scolding.

“Some people in the hospital thought it was funny, this old guy sitting in ICU getting high, but the nurses were
fit to be tied.

“Rodney sincerely apologized to the staff and told them it would never happen again.”

But smoking the joint did calm down the panic-stricken star, said the insider. “Rodney was suddenly much more
relaxed and not afraid at all.

“He was so agreeable with everyone. While the nurses got his IV hooked up, he was laughing and telling jokes like
there was nothing wrong!”

Rodney began having heart problems in the early 1990s, underwent heart surgery in 1992 and had more surgery in
2000 for an abdominal aneurysm.

But this time, doctors told him his pains were not life-threatening, and he was released on Sunday morning, the
insider added.

“Rodney was told to take it easy – but to leave the drugs alone!”

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