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Literature for Lectures

Hempology 101 Club Class Lessons at UVIC
UVSS Hempology 101 Club Lecture Series with Ted Smith

Free Lectures ~ Public Welcome

UVIC, Clearihue C111
Wednesdays at 3:30 – 4:10 p.m


Lesson 1: Cannabis B.C.

pg1: Cannabis BC

pg2: Cannabis BC

Lesson 2: Marijuana Tax Act

pg 1: Tax Act

pg 2: Tax Act

Lesson 3: Cannabis around the World

pg1: Cannabis World

pg2: Cannabis World


Lesson 4: Hemp Products

pg1: Hemp Products

pg2: Hemp Products

Lesson 5: Cannabis Research

pg1: Cannabis Research

pg2: Cannabis Research

Lesson 6: Cannabis Chemistry

pg1: Cannabis Chemistry

pg2: Cannabis Chemistry

Lesson 7: Families and the Drug War

pg1: Families and War

pg2: Families and War

Lesson 8: Cannabis in the Media

pg1: Cannabis Media

pg2: Cannabis Media


Lesson 9: Medical uses of Cannabis

pg1: Medical Uses

pg2: Medical Uses

Lesson 10: Health Canada & The MMAR

pg1: Health Canada

pg2: Health Canada

Lesson 11: History of the C.B.C o C.

pg1: History of CBC

pg2: History of CBC


Lesson 12: History of Hemp

pg1: Hemp History

pg2: Hemp History

Lesson 13: History of Prohibition

pg1: History of Prohibition

pg2: History of Prohibition

Lesson 14: Economics of Legalization

pg1: Economics

pg2: Economics

Lesson 15: Growing Cannabis

pg1: Growing

pg2: Growing


Lesson 16: Cannabis and Your Health

pg1: Cannabis Health

pg2: Cannabis Health

Lesson 17: Medical Cannabis Products

pg1: Medical Uses

pg2: Medical Uses

Lesson 18: Cannabis and the Law

pg1: Cannabis Law

pg2: Cannabis Law


Lesson 19: Social Impact of Prohibition

pg1: Prohibition

pg2: Prohibition

Lesson 20: Pot in Politics

pg1: Pot Politics

pg2: Pot Politics

Lesson 21: Medical Cannabis in Canada

pg1: Medical Canada

pg2: Medical Canada

Lesson 22: History of Hempology 101

pg1: Hempology History

pg2: Hempology History

For more information read: Schedule for Lectures