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By Hempology | July 6, 2004

CANNABIS DIGEST is a quarterly publication by the
International Hempology 101 Society, which provides
current legal, medical and political updates concerning the
use, growth and supply of cannabis to those in medicinal
CANNABIS DIGEST will focus upon the members and
supporters of the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada.

The CBC of C mandate is to provide cannabis to people with incurable physical medical problems or as otherwise directed by their doctor. This includes individuals with rare, obscure medical conditions where either the symptoms or side-effects of prescription drugs can be alleviated by using cannabis. Also, for people suffering from permanent physical pain or diseases, the ability of cannabis to induce relaxation, stimulate the appetite and help with sleeping is fundamental to maintaining a tolerable lifestyle.

THE INTERNATIONAL HEMPOLOGY 101 SOCIETY is an incorporated non-profit society dedicated to educating the public about hemp, cannabis and prohibition. We educate about the agriculrural, environmental and industrial advantages of growing hemp and using other eco-friendly products, as well as the medicinal and spiritual uses of cannabis and other plants and substances. We educate about the roots of prohibition, who or what we are up against and what we need to do individually and collectively in order to change the laws and misconceptions, which are suppressing the remarkable cannabis sativa plant.
Member Profile: Shawn Saunders Time for reason

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