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Fifth Annual Cannabis Convention

By Hempology | July 6, 2004

On Sunday March 14, the International Hempology 101 Society will host it’s Fifth Annual Cannabis Convention at Camosun College. The event is on the Lansdowne Campus in the Young building’s Gibson’s Auditorium from 1 pm to 4 pm and admission is free. This years speeches include:
Michael Straumietis: Brian Taylor:
Chris Bennett: Mathew Elrod: Brian Johnson: Steve Palmer: Leon ‘Ted’ Smith:
Advanced Nutrients Co-Owner.
Cannabis Health Editor,
Mayor of Grand Forks, BC, 1996-99. Webmaster, author.
Drug sense cyber activist
Transglobal Hemp Corporation rep Disabilities advocate. International Hempology 101 Society President.

The general theme to this convention is ‘growing together’ with a focus on the history of cannabis activism on the BC coast and how the sub-culture is becoming a legitimate industry.

Featured in the November 10, 2003 edition of Forbes, Advanced Nutrients has been more openly supportive of medical cannabis growers than any other fertilizer company in North America. With 86 different products grossly generating $12 million in sales in 2003, the company has plenty of incentive to improve upon fertilizers for medical cannabis users and is keenly interested in being a leader in the industry. Co-owner Michael Straumietis is looking forward to explaining why his company has been so supportive of the medical use of cannabis and what new products will soon be available for growers.

Opening the day will be Chris Bennett, as he has done all five years. He will talk about his work over the past fifteen years learning and teaching about the history of cannabis and prohibition. His story touches many people, as well as aspects of the movement, including the fact that his wife, Rene Boje, is a well known refugee who could be sent back to the US to jail for helping medical cannabis users in California.

Brian Taylor will talk about the recent proposed changes to Health Canada’s MMAR and how the cannabis community can use the media, like his magazine Cannabis Health, to help the movement become an integrated part of mainstream society.
Covering the scene of hemp on the island will be Brian Johnson who will focus on the successes and challenges faced by the Canadian hemp industry.

Mathew Elrod will update the audience with Internet sources of international news and political commentary, acknowledging changes in cannabis laws around the world.

Steve Palmer will discuss his need for medical cannabis clubs and how people can advocate to the government.
Ted Smith will conclude the symposium with an overview of constitutional challenges to the prohibition of cannabis in Canada, followed by a summary of his court cases, which should begin May 26.

Ted faces six trafficking-related charges stemming from the four times he has been arrested since November 8, 2000. His lawyer, Robert Moore-Stewart, has prepared arguments against the law based upon six different sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Other information booths and activists are expected to attend and join in on one of the best annual functions the cannabis culture offers on Vancouver Island.

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