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Letter to David Anderson, MP

By Hempology | February 28, 2003

Fri. Feb 28, 2003

David Anderson, MP

We request a meeting with you, Mr. Anderson, to discuss
the current problems being experienced by people with
permanent medical problems who use cannabis as medicine.
Police raids in Victoria have left many sick people in
Victoria with little hope for reasonable enforcement activities
during this time.

Health Canada has refused to allow for a
legal source of cannabis and has made no attempt to assist
clubs already in operation. The local Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs
of Canada has now been raided by police 5 times for no good
reason. While the City of Victoria has been supportive
through this past year, the federal government has been the
opposite. A request for a meeting with you last April
was ignored.

We are here today asking to meet with you, Mr. Anderson, so
we can resolve the current problems with the government’s
medical marijuana programs.

Please do not ignore this opportunity.

Marie Christofferson

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