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Memorandum from Victoria Senior Bylaw Officer

By Hempology | February 27, 2003

Date:February 27, 2003
To:Joe Martignago, City Manager
From:Dan Scoones, Senior Bylaw Officer
Department:Planning   Development
Subject:Business license application at 826 Johnson

Executive summary:

There is an active business license application at 826 Johnson Street for
retail sales. The applicant is Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society. The declared
products are books, art, and magazines.

Our records indicate that a business license issued to Leon (Ted) Smith in 2002
for a bookstore at 826 Johnson Street was voluntarily surrendered by Mr. Smith
on May 17, 2002.

At the moment, the license application for 2003 by Victoria’s Hempolgoy 101
Society is going through the standard review process. We have requested some
further documentation from the society and expect to receive it within
a few days.

When all required information is available the application will be considered
pursuant to the Business License Bylaw. As part of this review, a recommendation
wil lbe sought from the Victoria Police Department as authorized by section 8(2).

We are informed that a delegation will appear at Council this evening
representing Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society. This delegation will ask
Council to either authorize the issuance of a business license at 826
Johnson Street, or refuse a license and give reasons for doing so.

Our view is that the application has not been refused, so there is technically
nothing to appeal to Council. Should our review result in a refusal, the
applicant would ofc ourse be able to exercise the right of appeal.


THAT this reprot be received for information.

Respectfully submitted,


Dan Scoones

Senior Bylaw Officer

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