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Letter from Cindy Cripps-Prawak

By Hempology | February 28, 2003

Dear Society Members:

Thank you for sharing information with me in your letter dated
January 17, 2003. Please accept my apology for the delayed

As you know, marihuana is not approved as a therapeutic drug
in any country in the world, and therefore, it cannot be
approved in Canada without scientific evidence proving its
benefits and defining its risks. At present, while there are
anecdotal reports of the value of smoked marihuana, the
scientific studies about its safety and effectiveness are

Health Canada does, however, understand that many Canadians
feel that smoking marihuana helps alleviate pain and suffering.
That is why we established the Marihuana Medical Access
(MMAR), which serve as a way of regulating
those who wish to access marihuana for medical purposes.

Currently, individuals who have Health Canada authorizations
under the MMAR have two options for accessing a legal supply
of marihuana: they can grow it themselves, or designate someone
to grow it for them. Designated growers are restructed to
growing for one person only and, therefore, it is not possible
to grant the Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada a license to
distribute marihuana to groups of people.

Thank you for your interest in this matter.


 Cindy Cripps-Prawak, Director

 Office of Cannabis Medical Access

 Drug Strategy and Controlled Substnaces


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