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Memorandum from the Victoria Police

By Hempology | March 4, 2003

This record is and information contained herein is the property of the
Victoria Police Department. It is not to be reproduced, copied or further
disseminated without the express prior consent of the Victoria Police

TO:Dan Scoones
FROM:Cst.Doug Holmes
DATE:March 4,2003
SUBJECT:Ted’s Books 826 Johnson St.

Ted’s Books are located in the 800 block of Johnson Street on the North side.
Over the past three years this business has drawn attention to itself over
the issues of drugs and drug sales. On several occasions the police department
has conducted searches of the premesis for drugs and each time being successful
in locating either drugs or drug paraphernalia. The following is a brief
synopsis of what has occured in the so called “book store.”

July 01, 2001
Complaint forwarded information that the smell of marijuana was coming from
Ted’s Books – police investigated.
August 29, 2001
Com reports purchasing weed oil from premesis. Suffered severe stomach Pain
and had to attend his local hospital.
January 03, 2002
Marijuana seeds, marijuana cookies and membership list seized, 3 persons
charged with drug offences.
March 21, 2002
While police members were dealing with marijuana call within the store, a tire
was slashed on marked police vehicle while parked in front. Note left on police
vehicle indicated that the police where interfering with the right to obtain
medicinal marijuana. Videotape from surveillance camera shows person exiting
small vehicle slash police tire and place note on windshield.
March 23, 2002
Search warrant executed on premesis. Marijuana, marijuana cookies, oils, hash
and marihuana display stand seized.
April 22, 2002
Break and Ente of premesis. While premises being search more marijuana as
well as marijuana pipes with price tags located.
June 21, 2002
Search Warrant executed , again marijuana, and electronic scales seized.
Feb.19 , 2003
Search Warrant executed , marijuana, marijuana cookies , cash , cannabis oil,
seized , two males arrested.

(Note: All typographical/spelling inconsistencies/errors have been copied
exactly as they were in the original police report. No new ones have been
made but none have been corrected from the original document written by
Victoria’s Constable Doug Holmes.)

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