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Another Police Report: Another Mess

By Ted | July 31, 2002

Charges should get dropped in criminal trial.

more by Ted Smith

By Ted Smith

Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society

Finally, the latest police report from the June 21 police raid at the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada
has appeared and
the police again appear unable to report accurate and reasonable information. On Thursday August 8
at 1:30pm in Courtroom #101, Colby Budda will appear in court to enter a not guilty plea to the
charge of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking which resulted from this raid. A trial is
expected this fall.

The CBCoC is the oldest public medical cannabis distributor in the country, with over 1,000 members
signed up, the majority of which live in Victoria, with small branches in Parksville, B.C. and
Halifax, N.S. Since January, a series of police searches has resulted in numerous charges being laid
against the club’s founder, Leon “Ted” Smith, Colby and a past member. Police have not provided any
information which gives the impression the CBCoC is doing anything other than providing service to
the community. After the first search of January 3, police suddenly realized that we do not have legal
protection, no matter how legitimate the use of this medicine is for our members.

Instead of waiting for clarification and resolution from a future meeting with Health Canada, which
the city has formally requested, Ted has taken matters into his own hands by running for mayor of
Victoria. In becoming mayor, Ted will sit as chair of the police board, where he can direct resources
towards harm reduction and real crime.

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