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Police report from June 20th Bust

By Hempology | July 31, 2002

Warning: The following police report is inaccurate, incomplete and proof the cannabis laws are


On the 20th of June 2002, Cst. MURRAY and CPL. AYERS were conducting an assault investivation
in the 800 block of Johnson Street. The usspect involved in the assault had ran into a building
located at 826 Johnson Street. The suspect was located inside the building.

During the assault investivation, Cst. MURRAY and CPL. AYERS noted and observed reasonable
grounds to support a search warrant application for the business located at 826 Johnson Street.
A search Warrant was granted and the warrant was executed. Evidence seized from the crime scene
was 252 grams of marihuana, $900.00 cash, marihuana oil and marihuana cookies. ACC: BUDDA was
arrested and released on a Promise to Appear and an undertaking with conditions.


On the 20th of June 2002, Cst. MURRAY and Cpl. AYERS were investigating a complaint of an assault
at 850 block of Johnson Street, in the City of Victoria. An unknown female was involved in an assault
over the sale of a vehicle with the car salesman at the car exchange located at 850 Johnson Street.
The female suspect of the complaint had left the scene and was observed running into a doorway in
the lower half of the 800 block of Johnson Street.

Cst. MURRAY and Cpl. Ayers attended 826 Johnson Street looking for the female subject of the
complaint, who was later identified as Michalle CARNAHAN. Cst. MURRAY and Cpl. Ayers entered the
business and immediately noticed a very strong smell of marihuana. Inside the business there were
two persons sitting at desks, a number of other people were hanging around, there was a large
banner with “Hempology 101 Society” on it, located on far-left wall. The business premise appeared
to be three seperate rooms, the main room, a back room with a closed door and a small room to the
left with a sign over it “members only”. The smell of burning marihuana was strongest from the
small room to the left and smoke was coming from behind the folding divider. In the room were
approximately eight people in the premises, people were coming and going in the fifteen to twenty
minutes that police were in the proximity of the business. There was a folding divider blocking off
part of this room but part of the room was visible through the cracks in the divider.

Cst. MURRAY and Cpl. AYERS entered the business, the person ont he left, who later identified
himself as “Colby”, immediately got up from one of the desks and stated to Cpl. Ayers that they
were not open to the public. It appeared that “Colby” was an employee of the premise. It was
pointed out that people were coming and going and the door was open and it certainly appeared
that they were open to the public. Michelle CARNAHAN exited out of the back room with the closed
door and identified herself as the “person you are looking for” to Cpl. AYERS.

Michelle CARNAHAN stated to Cpl. Ayers and myself that as a result of police coming to 826 Johnson
she was no longer allowed back. CARNAHAN also stated that she had a tumor and she “got her medicine
there”. She then stated that she could get “it” somewhere else. CARNAHAN produced to Cpl. Ayers a
card with her picture on it and claimed that she had a prescription from her doctor, implying that
she could possess marihuana under the authority of the “Marihuana Medical Access Regulations”. This
card seemed to be similar to one set out in section 10 of the “Marihuana Medical Access Regulations”,
and is consistent with a membership card of the “Hempology 101 society”. At no point in time did she
produce a form 56 as required by the Marihuana Access Regulations. The “Marihuana Medical Access
Regulations” allows for possession and production but not sale or purchase.

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