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Mayor sets stage for second run

By Hempology | July 30, 2002

From the Times Colonist, July 30th, 2002

By Malcolm Curtis

Victoria Mayor Alan Lowe is expected to announce today he is running for a second term in the
November municipal elections.

Lowe is addressing a luncheon group of about 140 supporters at the downtown Golden City
restaurant to talk about his politicial future.

An employeee of the public relations company that advised reporters about the announcement admitted
Monday it was about his re-election bid.

Up until now, the mayor has been coy about his aspirations, leading to speculation he is hoping to run
for the Liberals oin the next federal election – or in a byeleection if Victoria MP David Anderson
decided to step down.

But it appears more likely that Lowe will want to see the planned $30-million multiplex through to
completion before jumping to another political level.

Lowe has managed to unite a council on issues ranging from the multiplex to support for increased
policing downtown. He also has been instrumental in negotiating the amalgamation of the Victoria
and Esquimalt police departments.

The architect has brushed aside questions of conflict of interest about his business interests in
developments in the city by noting that he steps away from the councuil chambers whenever such
matters arise.

And the Victoria Civic Electors, the NDP’s municipal wing, has paid Lowe for the compliment of
deciding so far not to field a candidate for mayor in addition to its six council hopefuls.

One only other person has declared an interest in the city’s top job. Ted smith, a crusader for more
liberal marijuana laws, announced is intentions a few weeks ago.

On Monday, Smith unveiled his platform for “thoughtful economic development,” which he said shows he
is not just a one-issue candidate.

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