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Help the UBC Hempology 101 Club!

By admin | January 10, 2012

Help the UBC Hempology 101 Club!

Barely a year old, the UBC Hempology 101 Club needs your help to get
things happening on campus. The founding president and most of the
executive have just resigned because they wanted to promote the uses
of hemp without addressing the harms of prohibition, the medical
benefits of cannabis or activism. It is strange they would have
joined Hempology 101 at all because our goal has been the legalization
of cannabis since before I became involved with it 17 years ago.
My name is Ted Smith and I am the president of the International
Hempology 101 Society. We also have student clubs at the University
of Victoria, where I teach a free, non-credit lecture series, and
Vancouver Island University in Naniamo.

If you have not heard of the history of Hempology 101 check out our
many web pages, especially the forums which you can find on the right
side of the page. There is also a new section in the forums
that has been created for the UBC Hempology 101 Club so feel free to
check it out and post your thoughts.

Despite what an email recently sent to club members says, UBC
Hempology 101 is not in a crisis. We just need to hold our Annual
General Meeting on Fri March 2 to elect a new executive. This is a
normal process that every club goes through. It is unusual that the
executive of a club would quit to form a similar club, but stuff like
that can happen to any new club where the people who start it barely
know each other.

The AGM will be almost immediately followed by the 2nd Annual UBC
Cannabis Convention on Sun March 4. The speakers this year include
Randy Caine, who has been arrested selling cannabis to patients in a
club in Langley, Dr Paul Hornby, a cannabis researcher, Dan Werb, a
researcher with the newly formed group Stop The Violence BC and Chris
Bennett who will be talking about the ancient uses of hemp.
Many more activities will be happening with the UBC Hempology 101 Club
once a good new executive takes over. If you are interested in
helping UBC Hempology 101 please help spread this message to other
students. We really need to form a solid executive so that next year
we do a lot more than a single convention.

There will be a general meeting on Fri Jan 13 at 5pm in the Resource
Groups Area (SUB245A) to discuss how to help ensure as many students
as possible find out about the AGM and the convention. I will be there
with the new issue of the newspaper I publish, the Cannabis Digest.

The AGM will be Fri March 2 at 5pm in SUB 42T.

Thnx for your help and time. Have a hempy day.

Ted Smith

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