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Clinical use grow ops confusing

By admin | March 19, 2011

Kelowna Capital News

Clinical use grow ops confusing

By Kathy Michaels – Kelowna Capital News
Published: March 19, 2011 5:00 AM

Kelowna politicians will get a chance Monday to mull over whether they’re of the same mind as a growing number of their B.C. counterparts regarding medicinal marijuana grow ops.

A movement to get rid of federally sanctioned grow ops gained momentum recently, when Fraser Valley mayors decided to band together and point out that they’re a growing problem to the health and welfare of the cities they’re in.

Chilliwack’s mayor took an aggressive stance in a provincial publication and a letter from the mayors of the township of Langley and the city of Langley landed in the city of Kelowna’s mailbox, as well as every other city in B.C.

“While we understand the rationale for providing the opportunity for clinical use of marijuana, we must reinforce that it has resulted in significant negative issues in our communities,” reads the letter from Langley mayors Peter Fassbender and Rick Green.

“It has created situations whereto neighbourhoods have become unsafe, individual lives have been at risk and the overall cost to our local governments have risen.”

To solve the problem, they’re calling on the federal government to significantly change the way the marijuana program is administered.

“We are simply asking that the current licenses be cancelled and that any medicinal marijuana would in the future be dispensed through licensed pharmacies by doctor’s prescriptions,” it read.

“As this is the practice for other controlled substances, such as methadone, we do not see why this cannot be done for medical marijuana. We also urge that the marijuana is dispensed be grown at a government regulated facility.”

That way, they counter, the quality and potency of the drug can be maintained at appropriate levels.

The letter will be discussed at the Monday morning council meeting.

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