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Updates, Warnings and Suggestions by Gayle Quin.

By admin | January 5, 2010

Wow! What a summer. First, there was my trip with Kristen to Seattle’s HempFest. As that wasn’t enough excitement for one summer, as soon as we got back, it was off to Ontario to meet activists in Toronto, and Ted’s family in southern Ontario. Toronto was amazing! With clubs well established and doing fine, there are several new places blooming, and room for lots more. We were well received, everyone was glad to get Bill C-15 flyers (thanks Kristen), and very happy to hear about the near completion of our recipe book. Thank you Owen for all your help!

November is one of my favorite months. We had a wonderful art auction this year, with many beautiful pieces donated. We managed to raise about $1400, which was donated to our member Kevin to help with his legal troubles. The Art Auction was first started to pay our lawyer bill. Now that we are out of debt, we would like to use the funds to help members that may get negatively involved with the law, in regards to their choice of medicine. Congratulations to Mayor Dean Fortin on the occasion of his first signing of the International Medical Marijuana Day Proclamation. This is the 8th year that the city council of Victoria has supported us with this proclamation, and we graciously thank past Mayor Allan Lowe for all his support in this endeavour, and his support in trying to work with the Federal Government and the MMAR. We wish him all the best in his future

endeavours. We had a happy and incident free event at the Ministry of Health on November 15th, for the 10th anniversary of the International Medical Marijuana Day cookie giveaway.

We are pleased to announce that the North Island Compassion Club is up and running in Courtney, although keeping a low profile. With a little help from friends, they hope to open a more visible establishment, as well as starting to offer alternative products. Look for their phone number on the back page of the Cannabis Digest. This leads me to let you know that the C.D. will be having a face lift. Starting with the next issue, we are switching to a news paper format. We are also pleased to announce Colleen O’Neill (co-founder of VICS) has joined as writing staff for the newspaper. Also, Andrew Brown has accepted the challenge of Editor-in-Chief, and Brandi is in charge of lay-out and design. WOW! What a long way we’ve come! Now we will have room for more in-depth articles, as well as extensive member profiles and stories. So interested writers should curl up and stay cozy this winter with a pencil in hand and some nice hemp paper. Happy writing!

Hempology’s 3rd Annual Costume Contest was very well attended. This poor puppy was fighting off a bug so she had to stay and guard the store. The Reefer Reaper stole the show and first prize! Cellene Moon Goddess shone her way to second place with Bumblebee hot on her tail. A very special thanks to our sponsors (Trippy’s, The Sacred Herb, Old Nick’s, and the International Hempology 101 Society) for donating such great prizes.

An updated version of the Research Study is currently being reviewed. Watch for the new version soon. If you’d like to get out and meet people, every Friday at about noon a few folks head out to do street surveys. Please feel free to come and join those going. It’s a great way to volunteer for the Club. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE SUSPENDING ALL MEETINGS FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER. Thanks for the continued support of PHONE JAM. Please also mention Bill C-6.

Oatmeal cookies are back on the menu. For those of you who like baking, here’s the recipe: 4 cups flour, 4 cups wild oats, 4 tsp. baking soda, 2 tsp. salt/kelp, 6 tsp. powdered cinnamon and 4 tsp. powdered cloves. Mix well. In another bowl mix 5 eggs, 1 ½ Cups Cannabutter, 1 cups raw sugar, 1 cup honey and 1 cup of chopped organic dried apricots. Make about 45 cookies and bake at 250oF for 25 minutes. You can learn how to make the cannabutter in Digest #5. Decarboxylation techniques in the next Digest!

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