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By admin | January 5, 2010

Hello Folks,

Once again we’re being lied to by the petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel, where side effects are future business. This time it’s about a minor flu refereed to as the “swine flu” or H1N1. It is simply another flu. H1N1 in global circulation is simply another seasonal flu, man made, and less deadly. The first 1000 confirmed swine flu cases        in Japan and China produced zero deaths. Mexico City, with a population of 20 million people, reported 20 swine flu deaths. That is 1 in a million. I wonder how many died from smoking, automobiles, poor sanitation, malnutrition, diabetes, cancer, etc. The vaccine for H1N1 is untested, extremely toxic and useless. 96% of flu vaccines failed to produce worthwhile results. There are more than 200 known viruses and other pathogens that produce flu like symptoms—respiratory syncytial virus, boca-virus, corona virus, rhino-virus are just a few of the bugs that can make a person feel really bad. People that report flu like symptoms are being treated as though they all have swine flu. This simply isn’t the case. The vaccine being used for the H1N1, and everything else, is extremely toxic. The vaccines are being manufactured by four different companies, with different methods and additives. Vaccine additives, called adjuvants, increase immune reactivity, and can cause extreme reactions, permanently disablities, and can kill the vaccinated person. Examples include Gillian Barr Syndrome (1976 Swine Flu) and Gulf War Syndrome. Some adjuvants used in H1N1 vaccinations are mercury, lead, aluminum, and the famous squalene. Squalene was used in vaccinations during the first Gulf War (invasion) and has been shown to be responsible for gulf war syndrome. Squalene doesn’t merely cripple or kill the recipient, but has similar effects on their offspring—causing physical deformities and permanent neurological damage. The Department of Defense in the United States stopped using squalene in 1994 because of its toxic effects. 36% of servicemen active in the 1st Gulf War filed disability claims, and were retired. Seasonal flus and colds appear ever year, and most are attributable to season sunlight exposure and cold temperatures. Most colds and flus last a few days, or occasionally weeks, and pass on. They are easily remedied or avoided with good nutrition, a sane environment, and sufficient essential fatty acids (available in mass quantities in hemp seeds), Omega-3 and -6, and Vitamin D—3 per day during the winter. I strongly recommend everyone become familiar with nutrition, including their own nutritional needs. One of the most important topics affecting our personal and collective lives is the quality and origins of our food. Mammalian, including human, history goes back millions of years. What have we been eating and in what proportions. The book Omnivores Dilemma by Micheal Polken provided wonderful insight into commercial food production, and what is refereed to as “added value” in the food industry. This fabulous book can be purchased from Russell Books at 734 Fort St. for $10. Nourishing tradition, a book by Sally Fallon of the group, is in my opinion the best ancestral food history and cookbook in the world, and is also available at Russell’s. Primal Body Primal Mind is a book about the paleolithic diet, the diet of our ancestors, for hundreds of thousands of years of developmental education. A good website for the paleodiet is <> Lots of lengthy articles about diet and health by Professor Loren Cordain. Other recommended websites are: <>, The Vaccination Hoax which can be found at <> (google the article title) for information about medicinal herbs and their properties and applications go to <> It is full of wonderful information. Remember, no one has ever died from herbal supplements in Canada. Perhaps the best website for supplements is <>and is a very useful website provided that you substitute their recommended does for vitamin D-3 with those recommended <> Read the books, search the web, study, and ask questions of those knowledgeable about real biological life. Eat like your ancestors have for millions of years, and you will eat to live a full rich life. Do not trust those who profit from your illness

through side effects. Love life and treat all things equal—a bugs life is as important to it, as your life is to you.

Nature heals. Skip Lafleur

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