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PHONE JAM Continued

By admin | September 19, 2009

For Immediate Release:                                September 19, 2009

Victoria, B.C: After a very successful PHONE JAM Monday, we are keeping our campaign alive until bill C-15 falls.  Everyone concerned about these mandatory minimum jail sentences should keep phoning until the Senate votes NO on Bill C15. We have now had 3 meet

On September 14th, The International Hempology 101 Society initiated a nation wide campaign to clog the senate with messages from disenfranchised, everyday Canadians. The response was overwhelming. These voters know that Senate has not be acting as a “sober second thought”, so we asked them to stand up for our rights.
According to a few senators’ staff, “We received 100’s and 100’s of phone calls. It drove us crazy.” This is exactly the response we were looking for and so we plan to continue this campaign. Yesterday, the Senate voted to send this “controversial” bill to committee for further review. We hope that the Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, who’s phone numbers are below, will look into the serious harms of mandatory minimum sentences.
Mandatory minimum sentencing (MMS) for drug crimes will decimated the legal system with overloaded prisons, constant appeals, and powerless judges, all leading to large expenses. Legalization and regulation of the drug trade is the only way to reign in gang violence.
Take the time to stand up for your personal liberty. Let the government know that we do not want live in a prison state. Write a letter, an email, or call. Please participate in our PHONE JAM, try to jam the lines of your favorite senator until this bill falls. Let your government know that we want to talk about theses issues. Canada has 105 appointed Senators, and we want you to call as many as possible. Continue to write letters We have already convinced Sen. Campbell to vote NO on current bill!

John D. Wallace         (613)947-4240
Pierre Claude Nolin    (613)943-1451
Michael Duffy             (613)947-4163
David Agnus              (613)947-3193
George Baker            (613)947-2517
John G.Bryden          (613)947-7305
Fred Dickson            (613)947-4130                  no email
Joan Fraser              (613)943-9556  
Serge Joyal              (613)943-0434  
Lorna Milne              (613)947-7695
Jean-Claude Rivest    (613)947-2236

Department of Justice Canada – Media Relations  (613) 957-4207

Call these numbers to connect toll-free: 1-800-267-7362 (senate switchboard)
or 1-800-OCANADA(662-6232)
list of all senators :

Contact Kristen Mann at (250)381-4220 or with any questions


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