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By admin | December 30, 2008

Victoria, B.C.: The UVSS Hempology 101 Club and the International Hempology 101 Society will be hosting its 10th Annual Cannabis Convention Sunday Feb 15, 2009 at the University of Victoria. A large crowd is expected to gather to watch an event that will feature a prominent addictions researcher, a Victoria Police Officer and several high-profile activists. The 10th Annual Cannabis Convention will be held Sunday Feb 15 in the David Lam Auditorium in the Maclarurin Building at the University of Victoria from 1 to 4pm. Admission is free.

Speakers include Dr. Timothy Stockwell, head of the University of Victoria’s Addictions Research Center, David Bratzer from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, lawyer Kirk Tousaw, author Chris Bennett, entrepenuer Sita, US medical patient Joanna McKee and Michelle Rainey, an accomplice of the infamous Marc Emery who face extradiction while suffering from serious health problems.

We are honoured to have Dr. Tim Stockwell take time from his busy schedule to attend to conference. Dr. Stockwell has many responsibilities running the Addictions Research Center while flying to international conferences. He will discuss various medical reasons why the “War On Drugs” creates health and social problems.

David Fratzer has worked with the Victoria Police Department. In his words, “

“Police officers in Canada have a common-law duty to protect life and property, and drug prohibition makes it more difficult to do that.” He has recently joined Law Enforcement Against Prohibition after discussing his views with several others in the Victoria Police Department.

Among the best lawyers in the field in Canada, Kirk Tousaw will highlight several cases before the courts while discussing strategies to legalize cannabis. Chris Bennett, author of SEX, DRUGS, VIOLENCE AND THE BIBLE and GREEN GOLD, THE TREE OF LIFE: MARIJUANA IN MAGIC AND RELIGION will outline the historical meaning of the “Tree of Life”. Sita will demonstrate how vapourizing can be an alternative to smoking. Joanna McKee, co-founder of the Seattle Green Cross, will be here to explain how medical cannabis issues are unfolding in Washington State where it has been legal since 1995.

We will also be featuring Michelle Rainey in her first speaking engagement in the capital city of B.C. She was arrested with Greg Williams when the D.E.A. went after Marc Emery. She had Crone’s Disease when the extradition process began and has now been diagnosed with cancer. Her Health Canada licence to possess cannabis is not affecting the charges laid against her.

The UVSS Hempology 101 Club is the largest student-based club on campus holding weekly 420s through the school year while providing 22 free, public, non-credit lectures that can viewed live on-line or later on youtube and other sites. The lectures cover a broad range of subjects from the history and uses of hemp, law, medical cannabis products and the impact of prohibition.

The International Hempology 101 Society has been educating the public about cannabis and prohibition for over 13 years. We have recently hired 4 people to develop and incorporate a new scientific institute to publish research on cannabis and host conventions around the world.

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