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Updates, Warnings and Suggestions, by Gayle Quin

By Hempology | August 9, 2006

The International Hempology 101 Society recently held its Annual General Meeting with a very good turnout and a lot of enthusiasm for the coming year’s work. We’re very pleased to welcome Liam, Tim and Wanda as new members, and the return of Ted, Gayle, Anthony, Odin, Gord and Steve will make for an exciting year. September sees us back at the University for Wednesday 4:20 meetings and the first Hempology 101 lecture series. September 6 please join us for a march around town to celebrate Hempology 101 ‘s 11th Anniversary of promoting public awareness of the wonderful hemp plant.

On August 16, CBC of C founder Ted Smith was invited to speak about the history of medical cannabis and his efforts to supply cannabis products to sick people at the breakfast meeting of the Victoria Harbourside Rotary Club. It went very well. Congratulations to this year’s winners of the 2nd Annual ‘Reach For The Pot’ tournament. The game featured the Med Heads, with two returning members (Gord + Jon) from the team that lost in the finals last year, against the Sticky Kolas, with captain Dean from the winning team last year. For the 2nd year in a row, the final came down to the last question, but destiny did not permit another come from behind victory like last year. There are five members of the winning team because Ed and Rick each played 1V2 game’s. This year’s winning team is Gord Campsall (aka John), Steve Trigg, Jon Longpre, Rick Jesson and Ed Chrosciewicz. Thanks to all 32 contestants in this year’s tournament and to all of our sponsors. The CBC of C is gearing up for the 4th Annual Art Auction with the first call to all proud Artist that would like to donate a piece for the auction. This is in celebration of International Medical Marijuana Day on Nov. 15. when the auction ends. We always enjoy new works on the walls while they are here, and have been very great full for everyone’s contributions and support. Medicinal biscuits for dogs are one of our newest products! 1 have been making cannabis dog biscuits for 15 years. Veterinarians have watched tumours disappear and arthritic’s play like puppies, heard chronic cough go away. Cannabis has held lymph cancer in remission for 13 years, stopped infections, and reduced agony for pet and owner both.
We have also just introduced Biscbuddies They are barley, chick pea and oat flour, cannabis infused olive oil, hemp hearts, sea salt and powdered kelp. Then dipped in pure dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or left plain for special diets.

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