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Another Yr of Reach For The Pot: And the winners are…..

By Hempology | July 28, 2006

Hempology 101 Congratulations to this year’s winning team in the 2nd Annual ‘Reach For The Pot’ tournament. The game featured the Med Heads, with two returning members (Gord + Jon) from the team that lost in the finals last year, facing off against the Sticky Kolas, with captain Dean from the winning team last year. For the second year in a row, the final came down to the last question, but destiny did not permit another come from behind victory like last year. There are five members of the winning team because Ed and Rick each played 1 ½ games. This year’s winning team is Gord Campsall (aka John), Steve Trigg, Jon Longpre, Rick Jesson and Ed Chrosciewicz. If you want to play in next year’s tournament you need to convince one of the 8 captains that you deserve to be on their team. Thanks to all 32 contestants in this years tournament and to all of our sponsors.

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