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Pot’ilics, by Ted Smith

By Hempology | April 9, 2006

With a federal Conservative minority government we can expect many changes in law that reinforces the War on Drugs. A bill has already been introduced in parliament that would increase sentences for growers and traffickers.
However, the minimum sentences and other changes may not get past the justice committee which is reviewing the bill because the other parties are not in agreement with these proposals. The Supreme Court of Canada will likely throw out the minimum sentences, if a case gets that far. Just like the Liberal governments proposed decriminalization bill, these changes in law may never get past the debating stage. A real problem could exist for the cannabis community if a majority Conservative government takes control of Ottawa.
With many provincial and local governments passing laws meant to catch growers, the supply of cannabis may get tight. Many in the medical cannabis community are waiting for the Conservative government to make a statement about their position on the MMAR, but to our knowledge no changes at Health Canada have been announced.

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