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Pot activist freed from California jail

By Hempology | April 9, 2006

By ROBYN STUBBS, 24 HOURS, April 18, 2006
The man who feared deportation to the U.S. would cost him his life is alive and
well, and free in California.
Steve Kubby left Canada Jan. 26 after failing to convince a Federal Court justice
that being sent back to the U.S. to face drug charges would kill him. Lawyers
argued Kubby needed his medicinal marijuana to treat a rare form of adrenal
Now living in Aubern, California, on a mix on Marino! and organic weed, Kubby
has served a total of 62 days in American jail – one-third of his 120-day sentence
for the original charge of possessing mescaline, and another 22 days of a 60-day
sentence for fleeing to Canada while on probation. He lost 30 pounds.
While in jail, Kubby said he was prescribed Marinol, a legal drug that includes the
active ingredient in pot, which “miraculously” stabilized his blood pressure.
Now that’s he’s free, he said he’s found “just using the Marinol creates side effects,
the worst being indigestion. I augment that with the natural plant, and I don’t have
that side effect.” That way, he uses less pot, which saves him money and suspicion
from police, he added.
He also said that while he’s creating a new identity for himself as an American, he’s
anxious to bring his family back to Canada for good.
“We absolutely adore Canada and the Canadian people. It’s been very rough on my
wife and two daughters adjusting to American culture. I don’t think a day goes by
when we don’t think of how much we miss Canada and how much we want to come
back,” Kubby told 24 hours yesterday.

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