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Outline of DEA evidence

By Hempology | August 10, 2005

by Dana Larsen (04 Aug, 2005) Bail hearing reveals some of the evidence gathered against Marc Emery

During the August 2 bail hearing for Marc Emery and Greg Williams, the Crown Prosecutor outlined the evidence which had been collected against Emery. Her explanations to the judge provided an insight into what kinds of surveillance had been conducted, and whether past clients of Emery Direct should be concerned.

The Crown Prosecutor told the judge how US DEA agents had come to Canada and visited the BC Marijuana Party store during a week before the bust. The agents claim that they spoke with Emery and Williams about purchasing marijuana seeds and how best to bring them back to the US. The agents purchased seeds in person and also asked to have some seeds sent to an address in the US.

The prosecutor mentioned that a DEA agent had asked if Emery could help get her a few pounds of pot, but that Emery had declined to assist, telling her that he didn’t do that kind of thing.

DEA agents also worked with Vancouver Police to infiltrate Emery’s mailbox for 90 days before the bust. None of Emery’s incoming mail was opened, but the outside of the envelopes were all photocopied. The number of letters received was used to try and show the volume of his business.

No indication was made that the senders of these letters could be targeted, and also there would be no proof that every letter was an order and not some other sort of correspondence. However, if you ordered from Emery in the past 90 days, and the return address on your letter was an incriminating one, there is clearly cause for caution and concern.

Emery’s business claims not to keep any client records or other incriminating information. In confirmation, no mention was made of any client lists or other such evidence at the hearing.

DEA agents also claim to have eight accused marijuana growers in a few different US states who will testify that they bought their seeds from Emery.

For the charge of “money laundering,” the DEA has records of several Western Union payments sent to the US by Emery. Although the DEA has not released details, these money transfers were likely all for cannabis and drug war activists for whom Emery was providing financial support.

DEA website press release on Marc Emery:

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