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D.D. Thompson, Victoria. Punishment doesn?t fit pot crime

By Hempology | August 10, 2005

A adult male savagely beats a toddler to death with his bare hands and receives a 10-year-sentence. Another adult male sells pot seeds and may be sent to prison for the rest of his life. Would someone please pinch me?

In Paul Willcocks? otherwise excellent opinion piece ?No role for Canada in a failing drug war? he states, ?The approach ? trying to reduce supply and lock up offenders ? has accomplished nothing.?

On the contrary, the diversion of resources by ?Drug Warriors? has generated an unprecedented buildup of the police, judicial and penal systems on both sides of the border.
In Canada, it appears a collusion of Americans and a few public servants is undermining the wishes of the people of this country.
The Pierre Trudeau government?s LeDain commission of 1972 addressed this issue and recommended the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana. The U.S. has been meddling in our domestic policy around this issue ever since.
The invasion of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration followed by the U.S. government?s quasi-legal attempt to imprison pot activist Marc Emery, and the involvement of our bureaucrats in this matter, indicates that it?s past time to assert our country?s uniqueness and sovereignty over what most Canadians still consider to be largely a health issue.
The real crime here is the redirecting and misuse of our resources by powerful groups with personal agendas. Canada simply can?t afford the divisive ?American Drug War.?
I don?t support the smoking of pot, either.

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