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Ted found guilty of Trafficking Cannabis Resin

By Hempology | January 7, 2005

Ted’s court case from the trafficking charges he was dealt in March 2002 concluded today.

He was found guilty of traffficking in Cannabis Resin.

The judge ruled that while Cannabis is covered under the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR), derviative prodcuts (cookies, oil, capsules, cookies, etc) that contain Cannabis Resin are not.

This ruling means that it is now technically illegal for somebody who has legal access to Cannabis to bake cookies with it.

Ted was given a conditional discharge, the conditions being to “keep the peace” for the next 9 months, meaning that if he is arrested for anything in the next 9 months, he will be sentanced for having sold cookies to sick people two years ago.

Ted will be going to court again at 10am Monday Mornrning ( (January 7th) to answer charges of trafficking in marijuana from when he smoked some roaches at UVic in 2000.

For more information, contact the club at (250) 381-4220.

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