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Cannoil, massage oil, and lecithin by Gayle Quin

By Hempology | January 6, 2005

I would like to start today with this thought for you. Mental altitude has everything to do with physical reflection, and state of being (wellness-illness). If cannabis is capable of creating a state of self- worth, care and love, our bodies are free to heal themselves providing we supply it with all the nutrients it needs. Thoughts should be looked at as nutrients that feed our life force, and without which no amount of nutrition provided will make much difference.

So cannabis seems essential to our mental, physical and spiritual well being to me. That having been said, it seems apparent that the only way to defend our selves is through education. So it is my great pleasure to teach you today how to make Cannoil, or cannabis infused oil you can use to do your own baking, make into massage oils and lip balms. This is distinctly different from making hashish or honey-oil, which is a concentration of the resins. We infuse the cannabinoids directly into the oil we are using, which is olive oil because of its benefits.

Massage oils are half the strength of cookies, first aide salve and lips balms have bees wax added to solidify them. We still prefer the more traditional method of a double boiler. First you get out your double boiler, or make one of a saucepan and a tight fitting ceramic bowl or another saucepan. Put 2-3 inches of water in the bottom pot and place on the stove. In the top pot put 1 once of good leaf (1/2 oz for massage oils mid lip balms), or % oz buds for extra strength cookies and Cannoil and 1 cup of olive oil. Boil for 4-5 hours – remember to check the level of the water every couple of hours and add more if necessary to keep from boiling dry. You don’t need high heat, just enough to keep the water boiling. This keeps your cannabis /oil mixture from getting hot enough to destroy valuable chemicals. Instead it gets cooked at a temperature that changes inactive cannabinoids lo active cannabinols. thereby increasing it’s potency. To high a temperature and you start to destroy the active chemicals. Take the top pot off and set aside to cool. Strain the cannabis/oil mix through 1 or 2 layers of cheesecloth into a clean measuring cup mid squeeze as much oil out as possible. Don’t worry about getting it all out because now you are ready to make a Cannaplast! Put an ounce of your strainings onto a piece of cheesecloth or sterile gauze twice the size of what hurts. Wrap it up like an envelope so one side has only one layer of cloth; (this is the side that gets put next to your skin). Tape it shut with masking tape and put it where it hurts (or in plastic bag in the freezer for later use). Look for uses of your Cannaplast in the nest issue. Now I usually divide the oil into 2 containers, ready for use. 1 make 50 cookies, or 100 lozenges from 1/3 cup of cannabis infused oil. You can also bottle it at this point to add to whatever food you like in the quantity you need at the time. The next tiling you need to remember is that low heat applies to baking as well. Cookies are baked at 250F. for 30-40 minutes (depending on the recipe you use). Cakes usually need to bake at the least 300F. so brownies and things like that are usually preferred.
It’s time to reveal the Secret Ingredient! This ingredient is so beneficial I was starling to wonder why it isn’t illegal. The secret, special ingredient is…. LECITHIN! That’s right. Lecithin. It comes from soybeans, eggs, com wheat and nuts. You can get it in liquid or powder for baking (also great for greasing your muffin tins with), or in capsules as a supplement. Lecithin is found in all living cells of the human body. It aids the body’s use of fats and oil- soluble vitamins by emulsifying them to a form we may use. We have never seen another cannabis recipe in a book or another club that mentions lecithin as an important ingredient, except that many patents exist where pharmaceutical companies have included it in combination with cannabis and other chemicals. We cannot keep this secret lo ourselves in good conscience.

Lecithin is essential to a healthy nervous system as it is found in higher concentrations in die Myelin sheath, (the fatty protective coating of the nerves) so you can see how it will help things like Multiple Sclerosis and White Finger. A type of Super Lecithin (lecithin combined with other nutrients) has been found to arrest Alzheimer’s disease. It can also restore memory banks weekend by coffee consumption, prevent gallstones from forming and lower your blood pressure. A lack of lecithin can cause forgetfulness, nausea, and intolerance to fats, high blood pressure, joint and muscle problems such as bursitis, cramps and soreness. Which leads me to think of things like Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Years ago I wondered why folks would get so baked on my baking. Now I find out it was the lecithin my Naturopathic doctor told me to put in ALL of my baking to help combat the effects of Environmental Illness, (my joints like to dislocate if exposed to too much pollution). Although not well advertised, I agree that lecithin can be a vital part of your good health. So please, try to incorporate some lecithin into your diet and always use it when working with cannabis.

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