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Pot’litical Corner.

By admin | October 29, 2004

By Steve Pittner
From Cannabis Digest Fall 2004 (Issue #4).

The US presidential election is carefully being watched in this country by many who have concerns about the bud bashing Bush brigade with it’s war on drugs, terrorism and exaggerated home land security fear mongering.

Alaska has flip-flopped so often on the possession laws, it would be hard to believe that the recently announced legalization of cannabis will last. A Bush re-election would not bode well to say the least. In my view our country would benefit more with the more compassionate and compatible democratic policies the Kerry administration may have to offer.

Saskatchewan born Alison Myrden, an out spoken patients rights and medical marijuana advocate who ran in the last federal election for the N.D.P in the Oakville Ontario riding, has picked up the flag in her efforts to compel Health Canada to provide a safe and reliable source of medical marijuana for chronically ill and critically ill Canadians. Alison her self is wheelchair bound, suffering from symptoms of M.S. (multiple sclerosis) and has a legal exemption to possess and grow marijuana to alleviate pain as well as a variety of associated ailments. Before she became a ‘medical rights’ activist, Alison was a medical secretary and has been a corrections officer working with young offenders, giving her a unique inside view on the issue. If you would like to know more about the project you can check out her web site at

Victoria’s re-elected M.P liberal David Anderson has been non-responsive, elusive and selective about what issues he wishes to hear about from his constituents, probably because he is upset about getting kicked out of cabinet. His staff have outwardly lied to Ted and have frequently made it difficult for our group to have a meeting with him to ask for some direction as to how our club can get an Exemption 56. Recently (since the election) the liberal government said it would re-introduce bill C-10 if amended. Yet our local M.P won’t talk to the very group of individuals whom it will affect. Go figure? Lets face it, the ‘decrim bill’ won’t cut the mustard anyway. It lacks any real meaningful change for the average person who still has to jump the hoops of a system set up to fail them when they need it the most. If you would like to contact David Andersons office to voice your concerns on these issues his constituency office is at 970 Blanchard street Victoria B.C V8W 2H3 Tel: 363-3600 Fax: 363-8422 or you can e-mail his office at

In mid October Ted went to City Hall to see if a research permit could be obtained from the city. Councilor Rob Fleming made the suggestion that Ujjal Dosanjh, the new health minister, might have a different opinion than the last one, and requested another letter be sent to Ottawa asking for a representative to explain the MMAR. The council also asked staff to contact Vancouver to get a copy of the ‘memorandum of understanding’ written to the local compassion club.

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