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Korean Racism & the Drug War.

By admin | September 29, 2004

From the Cannabis Culture website.

The Korean Government in conjuction with the regional police have again shown a string of prejudicial and xenophobic actions. As many as 50 foreign people arrested in a crackdown on people smoking the compressed resins of the Cannabis plant, hashish, comes as no surprise as more and more foreign people flock to Korea as a place of work, study and recreation. For most the hostile legal climate of Korean society is intentionally geared towards repelling people to integrate into becoming a citizen.

In a nation that does not respect privacy or the basic premise of multiculturalism it is sad to see such ignorance when Korea claims to be a leader in industries like technology. The persistent systematic removal of immigrant populations proves that Korea can not claim to be a first-world nation. In fact, it remains viciously in line with the deluded prejudice that Nazi Germany had for Jews. Is this the same Korea that has integrated Christianity? Is this the same Korea that has used Buddhism and Confucianism as foundation for their society? Truthfully, Korea is far from the emerging trends of European moderation like the Netherlands or Sweden.

Not only is the arrest and deportation of foreigners, specifically westerners, not about the “good of society” it is a prejudiced law that combines racist hatred with evil desires to lash out at the inevitable process of world integration of the democratic South Korean Nation which includes foreigners not as waygukin, but as wholely Korean. The process has begun and it will only be a matter of time (of the prison variety perhaps) until people start rejecting the formula Korea has constructed. This is especially so since 60% of households in the ROK have internet.

Koreans like to take advantage of the US economy but usually flee after gaining, contributing very little. Perhaps the real truth of the matter is that in encounters with foreign people Koreans usually run face-to-face with their own short-comings, and that is something they do not like admitting to. It is all about saving face. Not showing weakness, and weakness is subordination. Being subordinate to another person’s human rights is not on their agenda, because it means loss of control. Loss of power. And in a patriarchal soceity like Korea, male power is everything. No time like the present to write a new power-ethos.

A notion which many “pure-blooded” Koreans would surely rebel against. Not only because it destroys their safe little haven of identity, but it also shrivels up their mock-country and mock “democratic” society. Everyone knows that Koreans are hopelessly lost in a simulcram of appearance and illusion. Notice the portrayal of the innocent Koreans corrupted by the evil drug-using foreigners.

Here are a few of the measures taken by the “democratic” Korean people.

1. ALL international packages arriving in Korea are subjected to x-ray and narcotics sniffing dogs. Daily, packages of vitamins and food are opened and resealed with Customs tape because it obviously rings bells at inspection.

2. If contraban is discovered in a package, the package is flagged and the recipient is tracked.

3. The package will be delivered to the recipient by Narcotics officers dressed in courier uniforms. (Again illusion is everything: deceiving the “criminal” is the strategy). When you sign for the package, you will be quietly whisked away to your new stinky concrete and steel apartment. And you will get some prison clothes too.

4. You will not have the right to a phone call, and you will not have the right to see a lawyer. Your embassy will have nothing to do with you being charged on a drug offence.

5. The police will question you for 72 hours before giving you a phone call, or allowing you access to a lawyer…who in most cases will probably not speak much English. They will use all sorts of tactics to get you to squeal like a pig and turn in your friends and your dealer like, deprive you of sleep and lie to you about what kind of jail term you should expect.

6. When the time comes for your trial, it will be an open and shut case because you were caught red-handed…and the court system has a huge hatred for drugs. The Korean court system has a 98% conviction rate for drug offences.

7. After you serve out your sentence, sleeping on a concrete floor with only a blanket and a pail to piss in, they will fine you about $2000, and deport you at your expense (or your parents’)

Anyone who has lived here knows that Koreans are quite racist towards westerners and love to reinforce the stereotype of our ‘drug addicted’ society. Foreigners in Korea have the reputation for being high-browed towards the way-guk world (notice the us and them mechanism), and there are constant newspaper stories of foreigners being caught on drug offences. Celebraties who use are often defamed and mentally tortured for their experimentation of their own consciousness which hurts noone. Not to mention it is their own body, and their right to do what they want with it. The young pop-stars who use Cannabis are often ruined. This is as much of Korean’s own hatred for each other, as it is about the hatred of other nations.

If you have the Gaul in you to use Cannabis in Korea and the police catch on. The police show up at your door to search your place. Then, they take a piss and a hair sample. If it tests positive one can spend 2 months in jail.

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