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Camosun clips cannabis concert

By Hempology | September 3, 2003

From Monday Magazine, September 4th, 2003

Camosun College shut down a student club’s recent pro-cannabis concert on the Lansdowne
campus, leading organizers to say the show was nipped because it was about bud.

The August 24 concert, held outside Camosun’s Fisher Building, was organized by the
college’s Hempology 101 club.

Founder Ted Smith, a much-prosecuted local pro-pot activist, says, “We thought this
would have been within the mandate of the club and wouldn’t be a problem.”

But opening act Smoked Out Brainzzz had only played for about 20 minutes, he says,
before a campus security guard pulled the plug on their sound equipment. The guards
then cancelled the show. The rest of the lineup, Zolabud and The Sweathogs, never made
it onto the stage to preform for the crowd of 40 to 50 people.

“It seemed like they were bringing up a lot of excuses and reasons,” says Smith. One
security guard was particularly aggressive even though the scene was peaceful, he adds,
and speculates that the guards may have been reacting more to the club’s pro-pot
stance than what was actually happening.

Calls to Camosun’s security department were forwarded to the media relations department,
where spokesperson Michelle Tinis said any group holding a similar event would be
treated the same. She advises students planning events to contact the physical resources
department for help in getting the neccessary approvals and permits.

“The students ha dnot officially informed the College they were going to have a band,”
says Tinis, who did not witness the event. “They also didn’t have a liquor license …
[The guards] were worried it was going to explode … As far as I know it was reported
people were both serving beer, drinking beer and smoking pot.”

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