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Letter to Health Canada

By Hempology | April 9, 2003

Weds., April 9, 2003



While our group appreciated receiving a response to our
letter of Jan 17, 2003, we cannot simply accept
misleading information to justify turning down our request
for licensing the distribution of cannabis for medical
purposes. No mention was made in the letter to the fact that
for over one year he City of Victoria has asked a representative
from Health Canada to come to a public meeting, further proof
that the government is being uncooperative.

Court orders and the general public have forced the government
to allow access to cannabis for medical problems. Health
Canada, though, does not authorize any legal source of
cannabis and, therefore, your statements suggesting there are
legal options available to applicants is wrong. Meanwhile,
medical cannabis suppliers are being raided and shut down by
police accross the country. Groups such as the Cannabis Buyers’
Clubs of Canada are the only realistic option for chronically
ill citizens who should not have to wait for research to be
finished before they get relief.

We insist that Health Canada send a representative to the City
of Victoria to help clarify and resolve the numerous problems
resulting from the currently inadequate federal regulations
on medical use of cannabis. We also want an Exemption #56 to
distribute cannabis for medical reasons so we can continue
providing these services until the government finds a better

We look forward to your response and if you have any
questions please call 250-381-4220.


Marie Christofferson


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