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A Letter To the Mayor of Victoria

By Hempology | March 22, 2003

Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 15:54:16 -0800 (PST)

From: Wayne McLaren <>

Subject: Cannabis Buyers’ Club



Dear Mayor Lowe,

I feel an injustice is being done in the recent arrests and confiscation of property at the Cannabis Buyers’ Club in Victoria.

These people, along with Ted Smith, should be given medals, not arrested and charged with victim-less “crimes”. They are compassionate peaceful people who bravely accept the legal risks in order to help others with serious illnesses. I am very dismayed as a Victoria citizen and taxpayer to see our limited tax dollars misused this way. Police resources should be focused on violent crime, not wasted in pursuit of harmless non-violent pot smokers.

The medical and legal debate over marijuana continues, but the question of medical marijuana is a no-brainer. There is considerable evidence that marijuana in fact has legitimate medical uses, but even if these poor sick people, some with terminal illnesses, merely think that it makes them feel better, where is the harm?

Marijuana is about as dangerous as beer in my opinion, probably less dangerous. We should not be arresting non-violent marijuana smokers, just as we do not arrest non-violent beer drinkers. Unless there is a victim, where is the harm?

The majority of pot smokers in Victoria, as everywhere, are decent, responsible, productive, and otherwise law-abiding citizens, people from all walks of life, including our friends and loved ones, posing a threat to nobody, not dangerous criminals. I do not feel in the least bit safer as a result of the arrests at the Cannabis Buyers’ Club. In fact, maybe less.

Please reconsider the city’s position on the Cannabis Buyers’ Club.


Wayne McLaren

Victoria BC

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