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Democracy Denied at UVic

By Ted | October 30, 2002

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By Ted Smith

Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society

Victoria, B.C.: University of Victoria students will not have an opportunity during the fall
municipal elections to meet Victoria mayor candidate Ted Smith on the campus, further highlighting how
the drug war infringes upon democracy.

A rally will occur Wednesday, October 30th starting at 4:20PM at the fountains in front of the
McPherson Library, which will lead students through the campus to meet Ted nearby. This will be the
closest Ted will get to the campus during the campaign and will be the first time many students will
have met the club’s founder.

After being arrested on November 8th, 2000 for smoking some cannabis with students at the weekly 4:20
meetings of the UVSS Hempology 101 Club, Ted was banned from campus until resolution of his trial. Having
been granted a constitutional challenge, which has been suspended, Ted could be waiting over a decade still
before his cases are all over. Not only was Ted banned from campus, but the police took his portable
amplifier stating that because he used the device to announce his intentions to smoke cannabis with others
at 4:20, it was an accessory to his crime of trafficking. (However, they gave him back the lighter he used
to light the joints.)

The University President, David Turpin, has refused to support writing to the courts to ask for a
temporary waive of Ted’s court conditions to allow for at least one opportunity for Ted to appear on
campus. If Ted becomes mayor of Victoria it will not only make the federal government wake up to the
world, but will force the university to consider how backwards it looks when the mayor is banned from

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