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Victoria to Officially Proclaim November 15th International Medical Marijuana Day

By Ted | October 29, 2002

Victoria, B.C.: On Thursday, October 24, Victoria’s City Council delayed officially declaring
November 15th to be International Medical Marijuana Day. The city’s solicitor will make a presentation
to city council at a meeting of the committee of the whole before November 14, the next evening council
meeting. The council decided that they wanted confirmation from a legal advisor that Health Canada and
the government have been forced by the courts to allow for the legal use of cannabis as medicine. It is
believed that the proclamation will be passed, in some form, at the November 14th council meeting, one
day before International Medical Marijuana Day.

This proclamation is being declared in recognition of the efforts of the headquarters of the Cannabis
Buyers’ Clubs of Canada which has survived 4 police search and seizures this year. As well, the declaration
acknowledged the changes in federal laws which allow for the use of cannabis as medicine and the recently
published report of the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs which recommends cannabis become legally
available for everyone over the age of 16. On April 18, 2002, the Victoria city council passed a resolution
declaring support for the medicinal use of cannabis and the proposed proclamation is based upon that motion.

Since April many members and supporters of the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada have attended city council
meetings demanding a public meeting with Health Canada, local police authorities and politicians where
the current legal status of cannabis as a medicine could be resolved. After many promises, this meeting
has not yet occurred, leaving this group open to more police persecution.

Sensing months ago that the current mayor and chair of the police board, Alan Lowe, was not interested
in helping the club survive, Leon “Ted” Smith, founder of the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada, decided
to take action. With the BC Municipal Elections coming up on November 16th, Ted decided that by entering
into the campaign he could definitely use the opportunity to raise awareness about the medicinal use of
cannabis. Given the number of cannabis consumers, social activists, environmentalists and youth who live
in Victoria, he even has a chance to get voted in as mayor of the provincial capital of BC. For more
information, check out

The first ever International Medical Marijuana Awards Presentation will occur November 15th at 1 p.m.
at the Greater Victoria Public Library when activists and residents around the world will be acknowledged
for their efforts. Awards will be presented for the top doctor, lawyer, and activist, the best web page,
research project and newspaper or magazine article, and to the most effective advocacy group and the
most effective demonstration. Nominations for these awards will be accepted until November 12th at

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