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Join us at Victoria City Hall on October 10th

By Ted | October 3, 2002

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By Ted Smith

Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society

Victoria, B.C.: It has been six months since the Victoria City Council and the Board of Directors
of the Victoria Police Department called Health Canada to come and explain the current legal status of
cannabis. They realized that the local application of federal cannabis laws was causing tremendous
suffering while costing taxpayers significantly. After 6 months of constant appearances at City Hall asking
for resolution as soon as possible, and being told that a public meeting would occur with Health Canada in
September, no date has been set for Health Canada to explain themselves.

In order to impress upon city council the need for immediate resolution, many members of the community will
join Leon “Ted” Smith at the next meeting to express their concerns. The local headquarters of the Cannabis
Buyers’ Clubs of Canada, the oldest public club in Canada with over 1,000 people, has been raided by police
4 times since January 2002. The raid of March 21 prompted city council to pass a resolution declaring support
for the medical use of cannabis on April 18, 2002. Once again, we will be calling upon city hall to follow
the will of the people.

After the last raid in June,
Ted Smith realized that the resolution that the local police force sought was the closure of the CBCoC at it’s
location on Johnson St. Therefore, he has now declared himself to be a candidate for mayor in the fall civic
election. Though certainly known as a drug law reformer, Ted is more than prepared to prove he is more than
an one issue candidate. For more information, see

A proclamation has been proposed to the Victoria City Council to officially declare November 15th as
International Medical Marijuana Day. This date has been celebrated in Victoria for many years by the
International Hempology 101 Society. This year the first ever International Medical Marijuana Awards
Presentation will be hosted in Victoria highlighting people and events across the planet. It is not yet known
if this proclamation will be before city council at the October 10 meeting when members of the public will be
showing up to support the CBCoC.

For more information, Contact:


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