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1st International Medical Marijuana Awards Presentation

By Ted | October 1, 2002

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By Ted Smith

International Hempology 101 Society

Tues Oct 1, 2002

Victoria, B.C.: On November 15th, the International Hempology 101 Society will be hosting the world’s
first ever awards presentation for cannabis advocates. The International Medical Marijuana Awards Presentation
will occur at 12 noon, at a location to be announced later, and will be followed by a march through downtown ending at City Hall.

Traditionally, Victorians have celebrated International Medical Marijuana Day with a pot cookie giveaway at
the library. Two years ago, though, former society president Leon “Ted” Smith was arrested at the library
with 420 pot cookies before the hand-out and charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. Any sharing
of cookies on November 15th is done much more quietly now. This year the awards presentation will highlight those involved in the medical cannabis movement around the world while bringing attention to the local movement.

Awards will be givern out for the top medical marijuana activist, most outstanding medical cannabis club, best
research project, top doctor, most effective public demonstration, best web-page, top newspaper or medical
journal article and the best lawyer for medical marijuana advocates in the world. After the presentation of
awards, a rally through downtown will eventually bring people together at City Hall to further discuss the issue
of medical marijuana and the fact that Ted Smith could become mayor of Victoria the next day. For more information see

Nominations for these awards are being accepted up to and including November 1st, 2002. Submissions will be
accepted through the web-page or by mail or in person at 826 Johnson St, Victoria B.C., V8W 1N3.

For more information:

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