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Mayoral candidate Smith unveils platform

By Hempology | July 31, 2002

Ted Smith launched his campaign for mayor Monday

From the VICTORIA NEWS, July 31st, 2002

The race for mayor is beginning to gain steam, as Victoria Mayor Alan Lowe was expected
to announce Tuesday whether he’ll run again, an announcement scheduled for after the
Victoria News’ deadline.

Yet on Monday, medical marijuana advocate Leon “Ted” Smith became the first candidate to
officially declare his intention to seek the city’s top political post.

Officially unveiling his political playform outside Victoria City Hall, a platform he claims
is based on “thoughtful economic development”, Smith declared there will be a number of changes
within the city if he’s elected mayor in November.

“I am here… to declare that municipal politics will no longer be stictly about buildings, but will be
about human issues,” he said.

At the top of Smith’s list of priorities are plans to develop a downtown youth centre to keep kids out
of trouble. As well, he would like to rejuvinate former mayor Bob Cross’ task force on safety and the
quality of life.

“Right now, we’re putting out 21 platforms and issues based upon sustainable communities, sound
economic policies that will reinvigorate housing in the downtown, give youth better things to do with
their time than hang out on the streets and bring both the social and the serving agencies together
more,” Smith says of what he’ll offer Victoria voters as a playform. He confidently declared that
he “shall be mayor”.

“There will be thousands of people who will be changing their minds and deciding to vote for
someone who’s willing to put their life on the line to make this city a safer and better place
for everyone,” he said.

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