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Greg Hartnell: a few candidates short of a slate

By Hempology | July 19, 2002

From Monday Magazine, July 18, 2002

By Russ Francis

Gregory Hartnell has been having a little difficulty tracking down candidates to run for
the Victoria city council on behalf of his Greater Victoria Concerned Citizens’ Association.

After he issued a statement last month suggesting that councillor Denis Savoie and former mayor
Peter Pollen would be on his slate, both vigorously denied it.

Others start running the other way when Hartnell’s smiling face shows itself.

Last week, marijuana activist Ted Smith announced that he’ll be running for mayor.

Hartnell promptly leaned on Smith.

No, but thank you for your interest, came the reply – or words to that effect.

It’s got to be depressing when even the fringe candidates want nothing to do with you.

Leave it to councillor David McLean to come up with the line of the day.

After Smith told last week’s council meeting of his election plans, McLean – whose culture,
I surmise, differs somewhat from Smith’s – could hardly contain himself.

With a big grin on his face, McLean asked Smith: “Is Bob Friedland on your slate?”

If Smith should happen to get elected this fall, along with another weed advocate or two, the
council meetings could get interesting – sort of.

One can imagine the debates.

Councillor A: About this rezoning… Ah, er, what were we talking about?

Councillor B:

Awesome! Check out the cool patterns on the mayor dude’s tie! If you look at it with the sunlight
on it this way, it… oh, is that something! Where are the Doritos?

Councillor C:

More windows – that’s what we need, more windows with little elves on them. Munchies!
Need munchies now! Can we order in?

Of course, the councillors might not get very far with the likes of such complexities as arena deals.

Then again, maybe that isn’t such a bad thing.

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