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EMail to Senator Pierre Claude Nolin

By Ted | May 30, 2002

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To:Senator Pierre Claude Nolin <>
From:Ted Smith <>
Date:Mon, 26 May 2002 16:32:20 -0700
Subject:Correspondence Regarding Discussion Paper on Cannabis


Your work to-date on this issue has been timely, providing a catalyst for change in Canadian
drug policy. Many people greatly appreciate the efforts you have made to listen to all available
interested individuals and groups. We will encourage people to present information to the committee by
responding to the questions raised in the Discussion Paper on Cannabis. We would also like to invite the
committee to consider Vancouver Island as a location for future public hearings.

Before I address further ideas about the committee, I feel I should begin by stating my regret for the
rude behaviour of some cannabis advocates at the Richmond public hearing. Many of us are being arrested
and spending time in jail, with some very unfortunate individuals suffering greatly every minute behind
bars. Cannabis advocates must begin to realize that if we want society to have civil and responsible
governing mechanisms, then we must act in a more polite, intelligent and compassionate manner than the
authorities who continue to condemn us. We trust that the work of the Senate will not be affected by the
actions of a few disgruntled individuals.

At this point I am preparing responses to the Discussion Paper’s questions raised about public drug policy,
though I am encouraging other to do so. We would like to know the most appropriate date for final submissions
to the Senate before publication of the next document. Otherwise, we will aim for July 15.

Creation of the Canadian Cannabis Control Board seems inevitable. As the medical age of cannabis becomes
mainstream, it will be obvious that complicated multi-jurisdictional issues will only be solved by a body
of stakeholders from a variety of government and private organizations. With the formation of the CCCB,
the production, distribution, marketing and public use of cannabis will be monitored, licensed, and regulated
by an experienced, knowledgable and influencial coalition. A working document outlining observations and
suggestions concerning the CCCB will be included with my answers in July.

In the meantime, we believe that using the existing Discussion Paper on Cannabis as a tool for educating
the public is a very important step in creating appropriate drug policy. Educating politicians should
be a priority at this point, and we request that the Senate send copies of the paper to
MPs, MLAs and city councils across Canada. In particular, Federal MPs should be handing this document out
at the front desk.

Thanks again for taking initiative on these very important issues and for the opportunity to present
information, personally and electronically. Good luck with seeing the reccomendations through, and you can
count on our support in implementing appropriate responses to the problems we are facing.


Leon “Ted” Smith

Head Consultant, Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society

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