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Medical Marijuana Awareness Day on the Sunshine Coast

By Hempology | May 29, 2002

By FlashGordon

Submitted 2002.04.22

On the Landale ferry Flash and his stoner vixen photographer wife, Jill, were already excited, as
they puffed Flash’s last pinner of Shwagg in the hospital green solarium on the upper most deck,
about the Sunshine Coast Wellness Collective’s Medical Marijuana Awareness Day they had
been invited to attend by drug war refuge Renee Boje
and Canadian husband Chirs Bennet, director of and author of
Sex Drugs
Violence and the Bible
and to meet their Magikal 6 month
year old child Shiva Sun Bennet.

Chris met them at the ferry terminal in the old dilapidated truck Geo had surfed in the Marijuana
Millennium March and took them to his and Renee’s secluded $500.00 a month bungalow its
high ceilings and walls draped in forest faerie eastern style with royal purple sparkled tapestries;
a shell set up brimming over with aromatic steam; scented candles; Chris’s Cannabis Culture
magazines in the bathroom and Hightimes on the coffee table and book shelves revealing many
originals classic esoteric titles.

Original art and posters adorned every wall and there was the mandatory shrine to Shiva as well
as Chris’s shrine to a happy go lucky Jesus with sign which warned “Jesus is coming: Look

The nursery where Flash and Jill would crash had a gigantic crib and every necessity for the
special child.

There was just enough time for Chris to get down the bong, which was a wedding gift from Steve
Tuck, and give Flash and Jill a taste of the island goodness.
Jill surprised Flash then by coming up with some hash he’d believed all smoked the previous
week, a gift from his good friend Quikmic, and was able to match Chris’s generosity before they
climbed back into the GMC to meet Renee at the Roberts Creek Hall to prepare for the days
events starting at 2pm.

The hall was decked out with 420 in the front windows and a large sign advertising the free event
outside. In side the hall was decorated in disco and ferry lights and a sound system was being set
up. Several volunteers milled about many dressed colorfully, tables were set up with books and
literature on Cannabis. One table was dedicated to the goddess of fertility and Cannabis, Shiva
and was adorned with candles and flowers and incense.

The clubs board member, Bill Smalls, who was also a founding member of the BC Compassion Club
and had been busted and discharged for growing for the original club, who would be
performing reefer jazz at the event with his band The Tall Guys, sat on the back steps rolling
jays only pausing when the RCMP made their first cruise by of the night.

Bill smoked up Flash and the amazing Jill who produced another tad bit of hash from her pipe.
They talked about the importance of organics in producing clean medicine of Delta 9 levels and
the importance of flushing properly.

Renee set Flash and Jill to work making a sign for the raffle of Todd McCormick’s book “How to
grow Medical Marijuana
“, seeds from
federation seeds, and grinders in mini bubblebags to raise money for
the Wellness Collective which is open to all people who are consciously involved in the healing
process. The collective is made up of providers and recipients of healing resources.

While they were at it two female RCMP invited themselves into the community hall and feigned
interest in the displays and in baby Shiva Sun in Renee’s arms. They asked stupid questions
about parking and asked if anyone had any marijuana and reminded everyone about smoking
regulations in building and liquor laws and made like they were interested in the children to peer
into the kitchen before ominously announcing they would be back again and leaving.

Shortly after Steve Tuck his wife and son arrived and the joy of his release on bail was infectious
and spread more wildly when the Kubby’s and their children too showed up and joined the crew
beside the hall glad to be free.
They had a harrowing experience in general lock up and although treated well by the officers
that arrested them had been abused by the corporals and guards in lock up their medical needs
not well taken care of transferred from one shit, piss, vomit and cum filled drunk tank into
another at first and when Kubby banged on the wall because his blood pressure was peaking out
the guards had threatened to beat him.

Tuck, suffering from morphine withdrawal had stood up for him, getting between him and the
guards warning that at least one of them would end up cold as a cucumber if they tried to hurt his
cell mate.
On the second day when Steve Tuck was pissing blood and Kubby spiting up blood and Tuck
was losing hope Kubby reminded him of the higher calling the two hunger striking prisoners
were called to and that the sacrificed they were making to the movement were their payment in
blood and that they would be remembered and change would come.

Hilary Black, who was there admitted that she heard horror stories about the conditions of the
Main St Vancouver lockup all the time and that if she was not so busy with the issue of medical
marijuana she would be fighting for prison reform as well. Compared to some social justice
issues and environmental cannabis legalization seemed smaller an issue even trivial but if we
could just get the problem of the drug war settled many greater issues would be easier to solve
and greater resources be available to deal with them.

In spite of the ignorance of who they were dealing with by the jailer guards at first Steve Kubby
was anxious to clear something up .He believes at the root of all of these problems is not the US
government or DEA, nor is it solely the Canadian government.

It is Placer County, who is refusing to allow Steve the protection afforded by the passage of Prop.
36, which mandate treatment, not jail. In both Steve’s hearings, the Canadian prosecutors
presented evidence that was so incriminating that both judges actually told Steve’s attorney that,
after just hearing the government’s case, they were not about to allow Steve to be released.
However, when the facts of the case were explained to the courts, the judges and even the
prosecutors were stunned and amazed by Steve Kubby’s story. The fraudulent information
provided by Placer County was exposed and the Canadian prosecutors weren’t happy about it.
The Placer County District Attorney overplayed his hand and blew his credibility as a result.
What’s more Mrs. Tuck has now found all the necessary court documents to prove that Steve
Tuck was under no obligation to appear when his warrant was issued and that the Sheriff and DA
in Humboldt county who Steve had a personal hand in their electoral downfall held a personal
vendetta against him. The re-instated charges against him had been trumped up after health
Canada had invited him to Canada. Dr Smalls had come through with a letter confirming that
Steve had come to Canada on his invitation as well and taken the risk to provide the seeds for the
Flin Flon mine (Rock’s Gardens).

The arrival of an upbeat and smiling Mrs. Hayes was a reminder that another drug war refugee
Ken Hayes founder of a San Francisco medical marijuana club called the “6th Street Harm
Reduction Centre”, and was picked up on BC’s Sunshine Coast on February 12 and charged with
cultivating marijuana in Canada was also arrested again by RCMP and was still in jail but
thankfully at the cleaner kinder airport jail and was expected to make bail Monday with Marc
Emery again having to come up with the money to post it Ken’s hearing is scheduled for this
Monday morning at 9am at the Immigration Courthouse, located at 300 W. Georgia St, in
downtown Vancouver, on the 16th floor. Once again, it is extremely important that the courtroom
is packed in order to show support for Ken.

It was getting more and more crowded on the grass outside the hall and in the hall where the
videos were playing there was fewer people. Most everyone was outside on this beautiful day
enjoying their smoke and conversations in small circles. Flash happened upon Jim Wakeford
taking his medicine in the fresh air. His face was gaunt from total lack of available fat cells; his
body emaciated as he races the virus. He had brought with him photos of his digression and a
battery of pills, which would choke a horse, if not taken with cannabis to avoid nausea. He was
anxious to give his presentation but everyone was outside none of the scheduled speakers had
bothered to speak and it was now 5:15 pm the conference having been scheduled to start at 2pm!
Flash ran around the perimeters of the building informing everyone Jim Wakeford Canada’s first
official federal medical marijuana exemptee wished to speak and was getting restless and
ushered everyone in Steven Kubby leading the way.

Jim was introduced by the effervescent Erica with words that twinkled like delivered by a
tinkerbell fairy and brought color to Jim Wakeford’s pallid cheeks.
He spoke of the seriousness of the illness and his historical efforts to get medical marijuana sick
and dying friends. He spoke in subdued tones at first then Steve Kubby came in announced that
the RCMP had arrived and Jim started talking louder saying to invite the police in if they pleased.
The two women cops had found some kids drinking outside and were finding any excuse to
snoop but when Flash went out to investigate the Kubbys and the Tucks had left as well as Mrs.
Hayse and the party on the grass had dissipated.

Back in the hall everyone was forming into a great big circle and holding hands . One by one the
organizers took candles off the Shiva shrine placed them in the center of the circle and in the
middle was placed a marijuana plant. Spontaneously they whipped their arms and let out a
primal howl celebrating the scared herb and its healing power. The energy wasn’t there for a
circle dance but everyone was loosened up and feeling more of a community by the time the
dancing had begun. Cecil the tap dancing chef
choose not to demonstrate
her tap dancing but showed everyone from the kitchen window how to make space cakes with the
proper ingredients.

As eight pm approached the hall started to fill, mostly with young hamsters but flash also
spotted DJ Bob in the crowd and the transvestite nurses and their girl friend from Shangri-La were
once again, as they had at the grasstown, event selling tickets for the raffle. Chris and Renee had
gone to Molly’s Reach as seen on the Beachcombers to get Flash and Jill Burgers despite the fact
the Bennetts are vegetarian which was big of them but by midnight Flash and Jill had fallen
asleep twice while guarding the shrine and finally had curled up in the big cozy lazyboy in the
chill room. Bill smalls took pity on them and borrowed a car to drive them back to Rene and
Chris’s cozy bungalow where after two tokes of some bud Hilary Black had donated them Flash
and his stoner vixen wife could not even keep their eyes open long enough to have that long talk
with Chris and Renee on sex, drugs and religion they had been looking forward to but passed out
instead immediately on their mattresses in the nursery and slept soundly till their ferry home next
morning as if they were in their own very beds.

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