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McLellan insists on clinical trials for medical pot

By Hempology | April 23, 2002


Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002

OTTAWA (CP) – Health Minister Anne McLellan won’t release any of the marijuana being grown for the government to distribute to sick and dying patients until it has been tested in clinical trials, her spokeswoman said Monday.

The stipulation suggests the marijuana, being grown in an old mine at Flin Flon, Man., won’t be made available to severely sick or dying patients for years, if ever.

It also suggests McLellan is taking a much tougher line on the use of medical marijuana than her predecessor Allan Rock.

Clinical trials usually involve giving one group of people a drug and another group a placebo and observing differences. Such studies can take years to design and conduct.

And it’s far from certain the clinical trials will in the end prove any therapeutic benefit, which raises the possibility that the Flin Flon crop will never be made available to sick people who claim it helps them.

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