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CBCoC protest at MP David Anderson’s office, Thursday, 2pm

By Ted | April 23, 2002

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

For Immediate Release

Victoria, B.C.: On Thursday April 25, 2002 at 2pm, supporters of
the CBCoC will gather at MP David Anderson’s office to protest the
cannabis laws and the government’s treatment of Alliance MP Dr. Keith Martin
after his protest regarding the recent handling of his private members bill
supporting decriminalization.

The legal status of cannabis for people who have medical problems has lately
become more confusing and frustrating. Health Minister Anne McLellan is
prepared to let people suffer and die without and medicine from the government,
with the future of medical cannabis programs in question under her leadership.
Dr. Keith Martin’s recent private members bill calling for the decriminalization
of cannabis, which would begin transferring the issue from the courts to the
medical community, was squashed by the dictatorship of Prime Minister Jean
Chretien. The Liberal government is now trying to have Dr. Martin kicked out of
the House of Commons for his civil disobediance in Parliament.

Meanwhile, last week the Victoria City Council unaminously passed a motion declaring
support for the medical use of cannabis, with many councillors strongly supporting
futher actions towards legalization. Supporters of the CBCoC, which has been raided
by police several times this year, have made powerful statements to city council
asking for this motion and a new business license for the club.

Supports of the CBCoC and Dr. Keith Martin will gather this Thursday at 2pm at MP
David Anderson’s office to protest the current direction the Federal Government
is taking and thank the city council for supporting a more liberal cannabis policy.

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