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PRESS RELEASE: Nova Scotia is home to 3rd CBCoC Chapter

By Hempology | February 20, 2002


Head Office:

826 Johnson St.

Victoria, B.C.

V8W 1N3

For Immediate Release: Mon., Feb 18, 2002

Victoria, B.C. and Halifax, N.S.:
The distribution of medical cannabis is finally occurring from coast to coast,
but not because HEALTH CANADA is helping people. The group responsible for
helping to supply medicine is the CANNABIS BUYERS CLUBS of CANADA. The Cannabis
Buyers Clubs of Canada is a growing network of over 900 members which began
operating over six years ago in Victoria. Established distribution centers in
Victoria and Coombs on Vancouver Island, B.C. are now being complimented with
sister chapters forming across the country. Today we are proud to announce our
newest sister chapter, Halifax, Nova Scotia. John Cook is the most recent
Canadian to show courage and a strong sense of civic duty to step forward in
the struggle to provide cannabis to individuals suffering and dying premature
deaths resulting from a failed policy of prohibition. John is starting the
Halifax chapter of the CBC of C at a very critical point in time. The group’s
founder, Ted Smith, has recently been charged with distributing medical
cannabis and will appear in court on Wed. Feb. 27 at 9:00 a.m.

In a simultaneous press conference to be held on Thurs Feb 21, founder Ted
Smith and John Cook (the coordinator of the new chapter of the CANNABIS BUYERS
CLUBS of CANADA in Halifax) will announce the formal existence of the
coast-to-coast network system. He will be available to answer questions from
the media and general public. Ted will be at the head office of the Club at
10:00 a.m. Pacific time, while John will be outside Duke Tower, 5251 Duke Street at
2:00 p.m. (Atlantic time) A phone conversation will allow media to ask
questions to both coordinators and club members.

While HEALTH CANADA has given over 700 people across the country a license, or
in most cases, a soon to be expired Exemption 56. The Government has not only
failed to provide a single seed or gram of cannabis to anyone, which was
required by the Supreme Court Ruling in July, 2000. The much-anticipated crop
in Flin Flon, Manitoba is many months away from distribution, and HEALTH
CANADA is not yet certain how their low-grade buds will be given to the few
with legal permits. In the meantime, sick individuals, with or without their
doctors approval, are forced to buy from street dealers. Or, if they are lucky,
a friend or a local group dedicated to providing medical cannabis.

“I would like to thank Ted and his organization for their help in setting up
the Club here in Halifax,” states John Cook. “I, with the help of some very
special people, look forward to improving the quality of life for those who
require cannabis for medicinal purposes, and having a positive impact on the
communities in which our members live.

“Personally, cannabis helps me make the best of each and every day by allowing
me to function and be a productive member of society. I am currently using
cannabis as well as Tylenol #3s to combat chronic pain as a result of two
work-related accidents. There are other prescription medicines I could be
taking but the side effects of these narcotics leave me unable to be a father
to my children, or a companion to my wife – I want to do the best I can for my
family. Today, because of cannabis, I am here speaking out to all in hopes of
making life easier for those who need marijuana for medical conditions.”

Hundreds, hopefully thousands, of letters of support are collecting at Ted’s
Books, where the head office of the CBC of C operates. These will be presented
to the courts on Feb 27 if the Crown Prosecutors try and revoke his bail
conditions. The bail conditions were placed upon Ted after he was arrested
twice in 2000. First at the University of Victoria, where an undercover police
officer used a single roach to charge him with trafficking and possession for
the purpose of trafficking, then one week later, at the annual November 15 pot
cookie giveaway, where he was charged with PPT again. Two consenting adults
can spend a maximum of 5 years less a day for sharing a joint. A legal medical
cannabis license holder could get the same for sharing a single seed with
another legal cannabis consumer. Ted has been granted an opportunity to enter
constitutional arguments in court before the actual trial begins.
Unfortunately, this will not occur until June 3 to 5, 2002. Though he has
entirely stopped possessing or distributing cannabis in public, he has
continued to maintain the CBC of C – too many lives other than his own are at
stake to let this incredible organization operate at anything less than full
capacity. However, now he needs thousands of letters of support from the public
to show the courts, the politicians, and the rest of the world that cannabis
is an important part of society – especially for those suffering from medical

Ted Smith, Victoria: (250) 381-4220
Mark Russell, Coombs: (250) 954-0363
John Cook, Halifax: (902) 497-3941

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