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Marijuana buyers club could open soon in Halifax

By Hempology | February 25, 2002

From CBC News

By Dan O’Connell

February 21st, 2002

Halifax, N.S. -
A Halifax man plans to open a storefront office to distribute medicinal marijuana to people who have a note from
their doctor.

The cannabis buyers club will be modelled on other operations operating in other major cities in Canada.

John Cook, who is opening the Halifax club, says he suffers from chronic pain syndrome, the result of two
work-related accidents. He says marijuana is the only medicine that really gives him any relief.

Similar clubs operate in cities, such as Montreal, Toronto and on the west coast. They’re not-for-profit groups
that supply high grade marijuana to people with HIV, M.S., hepatitis C and chronic pain disorders. Club members
must have a note from their doctor in order to buy the drug.

Cook says he knows of 25 people in the Halifax area who use medicinal marijuana.

“Right now, I’m currently trying to apply for non-profit society status, but I need five people to sign,”
says Cook. “That’ll come in time.”

Cook can also expect a visit from the police because they say the operation would be illegal, and the charge would
be trafficking a narcotic.

That’s not something Cook is looking forward to, but something he says he’s prepared for. “I have to have it,
so if they want to put me in jail and take me away from my family, then so be it.”

Cook says he hopes to be open for business as soon as he can raise enough money to rent office space.

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