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Me and the “Box”

By Hempology | February 17, 2002


Member, Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada.

In 1998 I was looking for a way to grow bud without the
world knowing what I was doing. I went out and bought two
150-watt H.P.S. lamps, a fan, two 4-foot florescent lights, and 2 timers.

I was thinking about hanging the 2 H.P.S. lamps in a closest
putting air intake and outlets, add soil, plants and water, and
close the door, but that was not to be.

Two days later, I was looking at an old high boy cabinet and
realized there was aproximently 4 square feet of floor space with
4 feet of vertical room. The door fit tight and all that it needed was air
holes that
will not leak light, in or out.

I didn’t buy the cabinet, but used the idea to make my
box. However, before I started to build “THE BOX” I checked with a friend to
run over numbers, dimensions, etc. He checked it out on his

With a few adjustments, I had the blue prints for the “BOX”

It is a compleatly self contianed and combined with a
smaller vegetable box,
produces a good yeild, and by alterating the growing times, will
produce bud
every three weeks.

For more info on “THE BOX”

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