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Smith Fears Jail Time

By Hempology | February 8, 2002

From the Victoria News – Weekend Edition

Friday, February 8, 2002

Staying out of jail is proving to be a challenge for Ted Smith.

“I’m not in jail yet,” says Smith. But he expects he may be heading there soon.

Smith is the coordinator of the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada on Johnson Street in Victoria, which provides marijuana to people for medicinal purposes.

Smith is currently facing a charge of possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) for the purpose of trafficking.

On Jan. 3, Victoria police arrested Smith in his store, Ted’s Books, which doubles as the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada head office. Smith, who was arrested along with another person who was allegedly caught rolling a marijuana cigarette.

Smith, one of the most prominent pot-as-medicine advocates in Victoria, fears that when he goes to court to face the charge on Feb. 27, he will wind up going to jail if found guilty, noting that hes been charged with four pot-related offences on three separate occasions in the past including the recent charge that is before the courts.

Smith told the Weekend Edition Tuesday that he could wind up in jail today (Friday), when he attends a bail hearing.

Robert Moore-Stewart, Smith’s lawyer in the case, was reluctant to comment since the case is currently before the courts.

But he did say that Smith has a “legitimate concern”.

“I’m concerned about Ted and I’m concerned about other people in his predicament,” says Moore-Stewart.

Because of the possibility of jail time, Smith is trying to get his hands on as many letters of support as he can from members of the community who support his attempts to provide marijuana to people for medicinal purposes.

“People like myself are putting ourselves at risk obviously to help people with this medicine,” says Smith.

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