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Decorated Professor to Speak on Anti-Drug Laws

By Hempology | January 10, 2002


Wednesday, January 9th, 2002

By Don Descoteau

Victoria residents who feel Canada’s anti-drug laws have little effect
in controlling illicit drug use will have a heavy hitter in their
court during an informational lecture tomorrow (Jan 10).

Dr. Jim Hackler, professor emeritus from the University of Alberta, a
part-time professor of sociology at the University of Victoria and the
author of several books on criminal policy in Canada, will be speaking
about laws relating to illicit drugs at the downtown branch of the
Greater Victoria Public Library. The presentation will start at 7pm.

Hackler’s appearance is being sponsored by the British Columbia
Anti-Prohibition League, a group that lobbies for the
decriminalization of marijuana and other drug law reform.

“Even though I may not agree with all their strategies, I do agree
that the present legislation is very destructive,” says Hackler, the
1998 winner of the Herbert Bloch Award from the American Society of

“At the present time it’s quite clear in my mind that we have
practices and procedures and laws that give one of the most profitable
businesses in the world to the most ruthless criminals in the world.”

“Medical marijuana advocate and supplier Ted Smith, who had his
Victoria bookshop raided last Thursday and seven pounds of pot and
other related products seized by police, is also supporting the
Anti-Prohibition League in its efforts to rekindle interest in the

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