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Ted vs. The Crown Part 3: Help Or Hinderance?

By Hempology | January 8, 2002


Member, Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada.

With all the uncertiantes that surround us at
this time, I do believe we will come out this
stronger. Yes, the bust of the club was wake-up
call, for us and those who opose us.

The Feds now must take us for what we are:
A dedicated, knowlegable group of people,
working together to help people with
incurable medical problems.

For us, we will have to take more care in
the future; to them, we are still outlaws.
But history shows us that it was the so-called “outlaws” that
have changed other unjust laws in the past.

Back in November of 2000, Ted was trying to find a way
to challange the Canadian marijuana laws.
During a meeting of Hempology at UVic
he got
his chance when he was arrested for passing a
joint to a hempology member

few days later Ted was again arrested
, this
time for trying to give away pot cookies.
The courts at that time handed down
conditions for Ted’s release.

court date was set for October of 2001
, which was
to January 2002

This brings us to Thursday January 3rd, 2002;
the day we showed our best, as Ted was trying
remove an member that was cut off on new years
day. The member was making violent threats, so
Ted had no choice but call the police.

At the time, we thought this matter had been taken care of,
so I decided it was time for my medicine.
was in the middle of rolling up a joint when
a police officer came in
with the disturbed man
that we had just sent out the door.

At that moment we were detained, and the bust
was started. We were at our best; polite, and
willing to assist the officers.

A few hours after the officers left, we were
open for business, again able to get the medicine
to our members.

Will this latest action by the
Victoria police will hurt the club in the long run?
I think not; it shows them that we are truly
serious about what we do. I think that Ted’s existing
case will be helped, not hindered, by the evidence
the police have collected and will collect of
the good
we are doing

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