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Janet Lee’s Testimony to Medical Marijuana

By Hempology | January 8, 2002


Member, Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada

Hi all! My name is Janet-Lee, I’m 50 years old and have been using pot
for approximately half my life. My first surgery was when I was 10 and
since then, my joints have been giving me many problems. I have also
had various bowel surgeries. Since 20, there have been the usual
cortizone shots and other recommended treatments to no avail. A
thoughtful doctor advised me to use about a “J” per day, so when I
could, I did.

There is indeed a true correlation between smoking and
relief; and – yeah – it is “in the mind”! We now know that there are
natural, I repeat, natural receptors in the brain; ergo, the relief.

Enough run-on sentences. Suffice to say, with the
additional 30 years have come the “wear and tear” of living… and
living hard. Being a farm-girl you’re very physical and animals are of
course involved. A horse jumping on one’s head sure does a number on a
once-strong spine. Add to my list, arthritis from previous surgeries
and injuries, a broken collarbone that I was unaware of for a year. I
had pain, but that’s what pot is for. (I must interject my opinion of
medicinal use of pot. If you are getting blasted with each use; as
with any other med, you are using beyond your need. Back off!!) Back
to my list – at the same time that I broke my collarbone, this horse
pile-drove me, leaving me with both injuries. Which, with time, have
become real issues in my life.

To be without pot would be horrid! It stills your legs, it
takes your headaches away, it really helps nausea and it assists in
pain relief long enough for one to fall into that “sleep” that heals.

There’s so much more that could be said, but I’m runnin’
outta steam.

I’ll tell you what I really think next time!

`Til then, my lovelies,


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